Glassblower Interviews

Glassblower Interviews by Elev8 Presents

As glassblowers we love to get to know other glassblowers.  First glassblowers are a very unique group of people living a true counterculture lifestyle.  As a 14 year glass blower I am fascinated by the questions why do you blow glass.  As I know what goes into glass I wonder that same question all the time.   I think in order to be a glassblower you must be a bit crazy, a dreamer and have the ability to let shit slide off your shoulders.   Most blowers call that water bowl or metal bucket their hopes and dreams.  As we learn glass we learn a lot of what not to do and end up with a lot of broken glass.  Only after grasping glass can a person finally get past the breaking stage.  Yet each time a blower expands their skill set then end up in a place where they are learning and shit happens.  The second thing that blows me away about glass blowers is their undying attempt to improve their art.   Its so neat to watch a blower grow, which I have had the pleasure to watch over 30 blowers grow.   Here we will begin to post glassblower interviews to see what makes them tick, what they love about glass and gosh darn it, do they believe in E.T.s?   We hope you enjoy our attempt at interviewing these glass artists.

Glassblower Interview with Skoeet Glass 

Glassblower Interview with Matt Z. Glass


Glassblower Interview with Scott From Griffin Glass Tools


Glassblower Interview with Trident Glass

Glassblower Interview with Noble Glass

Glassblower Art Video Of @coylecondenser Daniel Coyle


  Glassblower interview with Hops and Rocko


Glassblower interview with Emily Marie

Glassblower interview with David Graeber

Glassblower interview with Sir Pyro Glass

Glassblower interview with Windstar Glass  


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