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Code of Ethics

Here at Elev8 we have this code of ethics because we believe in it.  Yes, it is longer than some, but its that real to us.  We feel by adhering to these codes of conduct we will build the billion dollar company we have envisioned.  The general intent of writing a code of conduct is to be able to hold each other accountable when something happens in the course of business.  All of these items have been agreed upon by the collective team members of Elev8.

  1. Quality – We as team members of Elev8 should be striving daily (and in everything we do) to achieve the highest quality possible, always working to correct issues that are causing anything less than 100% quality.  If you have been trained and understand the job there should be no reason errors take place. If you fail to notice the issue and there are products that need fixing, this will be done on your own time, as you have been paid by the company to do the job correctly and with the highest quality.  Success begins with Quality.
  2. Pride – Take pride in being at work on time, take pride in being ready to start work when you arrive, take pride in the job that you perform, take pride in the product you produce and take pride in how you purport yourself to your co-workers.
  3. Integrity – If the ethics are questionable, then don’t do it.  If you would be concerned about someone else knowing you did something, then don’t do it.  Be consistent in being a good person, coming to work on time, being truthful and working hard!
  4. Teamwork – We are a team.  Our jobs may appear to be separate, but we need to come together to complete the work required. We accomplish more when we work together.  We are one unit. The greater the team the greater the company!
  5. Patience – We are all working towards a goal, but it may take a while, and it may be difficult at times along the way- but if we are all working together, we will make it through those times stronger. We are a growing company and there will always be growing pains, but with the pains, we will build opportunities!
  6. Respect :
    1. Co-workers – When in the workplace follow the simple rule if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.  If you can praise someone do it by all means, it will uplift all around you.
    2. Self-respect – Don’t do anything to yourself that prevents you from doing the best job possible, or just being the best person possible.  
    3. Respect for your Workspace – When you are using a workspace you are responsible for making sure you have the tools required to complete your job.  If you have to borrow tools from another station, please return them when you have completed the task. After completing your task, make sure that the workspace is clean and ready for the next employee that needs to use the workspace.  
    4. You are representing Elev8 – No matter if you are wearing an SSV shirt or not, you are a representative of the company.  Speaking negatively about others or other brands and companies sets a negative trend and allows other to go that same route.  Be positive in life, it’s a wave, ride it and enjoy it!
  7. Honesty – If you can’t be honest with yourself you most likely won’t be able to be honest with your coworkers.  Sometimes it may hurt but in the long run, it hurts less than bullshitting.
  8. Theft – Theft of any kind will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with harshly.
  9. Personal Accountability– When in the course of working for the company, if anything that is undesirable happens and you are responsible for it, you must take responsibility for it.
    1. Humble and Grateful – If you are asked to complete a task and are afraid that you do not have the skills or knowledge to complete it properly, say something, and ask someone regarding what you are concerned about.  Humility is an important part of growing in your work and personally. Also be grateful of the things you are provided within life and professionally.=
  10. Continue to Improve – There will always be room for improvement, be it a process, or an aspect of your personal life, never stop growing, never stop getting better.
  11. Positive Attitude – Employees should come into work placing their best foot forward, it will elevate the mood of all of those around you and create a better overall environment.

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