Herb grinders, are a device that breaks dry herb down to smaller pieces of material so they vaporize or burn more efficiently as they create basically more surface area and aerate the material more. Basic grinders consist of two pieces, a top and bottom half.  The two parts come apart so you can put dry herb inside. These halves have sharp teeth inside them. By twisting the two parts back and forth they grind the dry herb inside down to a finer consistency much like you get at the store when you buy dried ground herbs.  Hince the name herb grinder.

Grindes come in a lot of styles and can be manual or electric.  We believe grinders are essential to elev8 your vaping or smoking experience. They offer a faster, more effective way to break your herbs down to smaller pieces, which profoundly enhances vapor quality.

For those on a budget, grinders also cut costs by helping you attain the most effects from each bowl, ensuring the most cost-effective vaping experience. The best herb grinders thoroughly break down dry herbs and collect any fallen pollen  using a compartment at the bottom of the device called a pollen catcher.

Preparing Dry Herb for Vaporization

The main function of herb grinders are to preparing dried herbs in such a way that it will be more efficiently vaporized or burned in the bowl. By breaking dry herb down to smaller granules, herb grinders leave more surface area with which heat can make contact. More of the essential oils are vaporized, meaning more compounds have the potential to be activated, which results in higher potencies, richer flavors, and more appealing aromas.

Herb Grinders Save You Money

When herb is in larger chunks the heat can only make contact with the surface,  leaving the herbs interior untapped and potentially wasted. In other words, a grinder can help you get your money's worth by increasing surface area, therefore increasing extraction.. By grinding your herb, you break up these larger pieces of plant material into smaller bits so heat can touch more surface area hence extracting the most possible essential  vapor from your herb. Using a grinder can has the potential to save you thousands of dollars each year by ensuring you get the most out of each granule of dry herb, depending on your consumption obviously.

Collecting Pollen with a Grinder

The secondary function of a more intricate grinder like a  four-piece grinders is to collect pollen. When dry herb is ground up, tiny sticky pollen crystals fall off. A four-piece grinder features a screen in the compartment under the grinder teeth that catches pieces of herb allowing the pollen crystals to fall through and collecting in the bottom compartment. This “pollen,” also known as dry sift is made up of tiny particles from the resin glands of herb, which carry the essentials of the plant that make all plants so unique. When ground up, the pollen becomes powdery. It also boasts a variety of benefits, including exceptionally potent rips when added to a bowl of ground herbs, which is one of the great reasons it’s smart to collect it using an herb grinder.


All grinders have the same essential function of making dry herb easier to vaporize or smoke. But they come in a variety of types that offer additional capabilities. Herb grinders also vary from device to device in their efficiency at grinding herb. And each device can be made of various materials that offer different experiences. Understanding what each type offers is the key to unlocking the type of vaping or smoking experience you seek, whether you’re looking for a basic, easy-to-use device or a more advanced unit with extra functionality.  Grinders come made in many different materials ranging from plastic to many types of metal. We prefer the airplane grade aluminum as it comes from a billet piece of aluminum making them very durable.

The Time Tested Two Piece Grinder

The most basic design is the two-piece grinder, making them smaller and simpler to use than more advanced units. Consisting of two halves (top and bottom) that go together to create a turnable compartment,  The two piece grinder is very simple to use and time tested as a solid addition to your smoking or vapor arsenal. Both components feature sharp teeth on their interiors. When the two pieces are combined and turned, herb is rips by the intertwining sets of teeth on the two halves. The 2-piece grinder is a perfect simple and affordable addition. It is generally easy peasy  to use and more affordable than any other grinder design.

The Efficient Four Piece Grinder

For those who want a device that can save dried herb in a chamber and collect the pollen, a four piece grinder is the only way to go. These grinders are also easy to use and grind the herbs smoothly, making pollen collection profoundly easier than with two piece grinders. On the other hand, they’re usually larger than two or three piece devices, making them less portable or a burden in your pocket. The 4 piece grinders  slightly more of a challenge to assemble, though after you’ve have mastered the initial learning curve the process will become seamless. 4-piece herb grinders are for the true herb connoisseur who wants complete control over their aromatherapy, and a smoother, more thorough grind.

The Electric Grinder

As technology advances there has been an array of new electric grinders hitting the market.  These are designed to alleviate the twisting of manual hand grinders. These are great for people that suffer from hand problems like arthritis relieving the twisting action and making it as simple as pressing a button.  


Just like vaporizers, pipes and pretty much all products in the world, grinders for herb can be made from a number of materials. Each material offers a different experience and function that can affect performance, longevity, portability, durability and more. Knowing what all the materials have to  offer will help you make the best decision when purchasing a grinder. If you’re on a budget, for example, some materials are more affordable than others. Also manufacturing of the grinder takes a HUGE roll into why they cost more or less. On the other hand, if you have money to invest in a better grinder, certain materials offer a top notch grinding experience.

Acrylic Or Plastic Grinders

Extremely lightweight, acrylic or plastic grinders offer a perfect grinder for the budget oriented consumer. They do however tend to lack in efficient grinding, especially when they feature acrylic teeth instead of metal as the teeth are usually larger making it harder to rip the herbs into smaller pieces. Acrylic or plastic  grinders come in a variety of colors so they are a unique as you. This is a great option for beginners or those who don’t want to break the bank to grind their herb, but investing in a nice aluminum grinder may be wise.

Wood Grinders

Lightweight yet solid, wooden herb grinders are perfect for portable use and provide a nice warm feeling that only wood can do. They are pretty light, yet they can withstand the wear and tear of consistent use. Their teeth are usually made of metal stiff wires which extend from the wooden interior of the top and bottom wood pieces. Wooden grinders generally fall into the middle price range between acrylic and metal devices and are also typically handmade.  . These grinders are perfect for on-the-go use when you’re on a budget but want the warmth that only wood can deliver.

Metal/Aluminum Grinders

Without a doubt, metal aluminum grinders are the most efficient, long lasting, and durable herb grinders made. In addition, most  four-piece grinders are made of metal since a more solid build quality ensures all the moving parts work together seamlessly. While metal grinders are more expensive, they’re worth the price, delivering a smoother grind time and time again. Now metal grinders can also come ia many types of metal and are made by an array of manufacturing process.  The two basic types of metal grinders are molded zinc grinders and also CNC billet machined grinders. Both metal grinders are very durable, but a CNC machined aluminum grinder is the most durable, yet most expensive. With CNC machining it take longer for the machine to cut the metal and there is a lot of waste. A zinc grinders is poured into a mold, removed and then a CNC machine finishes it in much much less time and with less waste.  


To find the proper grinder it is as simple as finding the best type of grinder for your own preference. When taking into consideration what the best grinder for you, think about where and how  you will be using it. ALso take into consideration what amount and what size is appropriate for the dry herb that you consume:

  • For grinding large quantities of flower for use at home, a larger, 4 piece style grinder may be best for you.

  • If you roll or smoke, a 2-piece grinder may be all you need as it will allow you to enjoy the pollen and entirety of your herbal blends at the time of grinding.  We still like to collect for those special occasions.

  • If you need a discreet option, stray away from acrylic grinders or grinders with viewing chambers.

What Size Herb Grinder Is Best For Me?

The size of  herb grinder you get should be dictated typically by how much you smoke or vape.

When the herb is ground, it is much more susceptible to losing moisture therefore the herb can dry out more easily leading to combustion if you vaporizer your herbs at higher temperatures.   It’s also important to note that most grinders are not airtight. This will release smells and lead your herb to become dry if left for long periods of time.

What is the Best Herb Grinder For Me?

Four-piece grinders are often regarded as the best option for connoisseurs of dry herb. Four-piece grinders are preferred for their efficiency, solid construction and most importantly their ability for pollen collection. Four-piece grinders are typically constructed from more sturdy materials and will stand up to longer term use and abuse, essentially making them more affordable as time advances.

How Does an Herb Grinder Work?

Grinders work differently and offer various features depending on the type of grinder. However, the main purpose of an herb grinder is essentially the same for all, to simply break the herb into smaller pieces to allow more more surface area. Multiple sharp surfaces work to break down herb into a smaller pieces so they can be vaporized or combusted in a more efficient manner.  .

Herb grinders work very well because they maximize your herb by increasing the surface area. With a larger surface area the heat will more evenly extract vapor or smoke from your dry herbal materials. More efficient delivery of your dry herb will benefit all users whether you enjoy your herbs in a vape, a pipe or water pipe.  The grinder will especially help for people who like to roll herb cigarettes.

Four-piece herbal grinders take grinder to an Elev8ed level. These types of grinders add a grinding layer, a sieve screen, and a pollen collection compartment. As the herb is ground by the teeth of the grinder, it falls from the grinding layer to the screen compartment. The herb falls through the first layer once it is smaller enough, ensuring  that it has been ground to optimal size. The screen allows pollen to be separated from the herb by being seperated into the collection layer. This extremely potent and flavorful pollen may be vaped or used in baking.

  • Silver Surfer Dude Logo Elev8 Swoosh

    Elev8 Glass

    4 Piece Grinder

    This 4 piece shredder stands about 2" tall and is machined from billet aluminum. We then anodize them to to make the surface of the grinder stronger. These are dishwasher safe, and have a removable screen. Each grinder comes with a hemp storage bag..…

  • 2 Piece Grinder 2 Piece Grinder

    Elev8 Glass

    2 Piece Grinder

    This 2 piece shredder stands 3/4 inches tall and is machined from billet aluminum. We then anodize them to to make the surface of the grinder stronger. These are dishwasher safe! Each grinder comes with a hemp storage bag.  Features: Pick fr…

  • SSV Pollen Press SSV Pollen Press

    SSV Pollen Press

    We now carry an SSV branded Pollen Press! Perfect for pressing the pollen collected from your SSV screen grinder. This Pollen Press is made Aluminum that has been Anodized with four different sized, metal spacers for the inside, removable screw cap o…


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