The Super Surfer 2.0 Forced Air Dry Herb Extraction

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Warranty 1-3 Year
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The ultimate consumption Desktop Vaporizer & Diffuser (vape/e-nail/diffuser) for connoisseurs This Super Surfer desktop vaporizer uses heat to extract the essence from dry herb for the best flavor. Using a whip or …

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The ultimate consumption Desktop Vaporizer & Diffuser (vape/e-nail/diffuser) for connoisseurs

This Super Surfer desktop vaporizer uses heat to extract the essence from dry herb for the best flavor.

Using a whip or bag, the Super Surfer desktop vaporizer has you covered.

When it is time for concentrates, the Super has you covered with the optional quartz dab dish.

Like the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer, the Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer allows you to diffuse oils making your home smell wonderful all the time.



What's in the bag when you get a Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer and Diffuser?



   1 Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer with Spherical Ground Glass Heater Cover

  1. Stainless Steel Pick
  2. Glass Mouthpiece
  3. 3 Feet - Food Gread Vynil Tubing
  4. Spherical Flavor Disc Wand
  5. Vapor Bag Sleeve
  6. Vapor Valve Wand
  7. Valve Assembly (Silicon 1 pcs & 1 Elev8 glass valve inner)
  8. Vapor Bag Mouthpiece
  9. Vapor Bag Bowl
  10. Screens (yellow)
  11. Hands-Free Attachment
  12. Bag Of Extras
    1. Coconut Oil
    2. End Bag Seal
    3. 2 Sick Clips
    4. Extra Silicon Valve Sleeve
    5. Flavor Disc 17mm
  13. Aroma Top (1 boro glass dish & 1 black aluminum attachment) with wax melt sample
  14. 10 Feet Of Vapor Bag
  15. Hempster Carrying Bag

The Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer and diffuser comes with all you need to begin your ultimate experience in vaping the essence from dry herbs.
Use the whip for the ultimate flavor experience in the art of vaping and easily connect to nearly any water pipe Elev8ing your vaporizing experience even more.  

Join the evolution of a healthier way to consume your favorite dry herbs.






Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizers work great for glass, and the Super Surfer vaporizer is built by glassblowers for glass!

The Super Surfer Vaporizer has more features than any other desktop on the market and easily pairs with top-of-the-line glass to Elev8 your dry herb vaporizing experience. 


Custom Wands
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Warranty Information
2 year warranty

42 Reviews

  • Super surfer

    Posted by Rex rickard on 1/25/2023


  • Super Surfer

    Posted by Cory S on 4/21/2022

    This is a solid little machine. Beyond being a top tier vaporizer, it is built to last. Touches like using ceramic for the element show you that these folks are making a product that they want to last, not a functioning product that must be repurchased after a period of normal use. My friend recommended the Silver Surfer, which she has had for over 10 years and still runs. I went for the Super Surfer and I’m glad I did. The Super Surfer far exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to get home and get back to that thing! The folks who support this device know it, how it operates, and how to help you use it. They custom make and ship beautiful glass pieces for vape and smoke. With the rise of corporate smoke shops making something fun look stale, ELEV8 Glass keeps it real.

  • Best desktop vape hands down, best vape that’s not portable

    Posted by Ty on 5/23/2020

    I’ve bought the mighty, the crafty, the pax, the plenty, airrizer, and used many more. This is by far the best. It’s really up to you how intense you want the draw to be and it’s so efficient. I would recommend to Any users. My friend and I bought a different one and the customer service is incredible since 2016 when we bought it. Durability is also 9/10. Just tough because the nice fixtures are glass and if you are clumsy and careless, this may not be the vape for you. 7th floor is still og though

  • Super Surfer

    Posted by Unknown on 5/23/2020

    The super surfer packs a punch and hits like a champ. The taste is amazing and the amount of vapor is crazy! I like it , but for the price I was expecting more. The glass around the ceramic heating element comes off when trying to use hands free. The metal hands free piece is poorly designed and feels cheap , you have to bend it to make it stay in place. Even on the lowest heat setting the plant material will catch fire and you will get smoke , not vapor! I feel like it could have been made a lot better for the price. If I would have known then what I know now , I would have just saved and bought the volcano. The tube that comes with it is pretty short . I would recommend buying a longer one. Overall I am satisfied, but I wish I would have saved my money and waited to get something better. It really isn’t easy to share with others . You can try to fill a bag but the plant material usually burns before the bag is even halfway filled up. The bag is a cool idea but it isn’t worth all the work.

  • Super Surfer Vaporizer 2

    Posted by B on 5/16/2020

    I originally bought a Silver Surfer around 2008, and it was a reliable tank that took much abuse for the following ten(!) years (to make it short, it was accidentally left on overnight many nights, and dropped many times, but it took it all like a champ). With that said, I'm not surprised at the great quality of the Super Surfer, and LOVE being able to use flower as well as other things. It came packed up with so immaculately, I'm not really one to notice something like that but couldn't help it because they seem to care so much! Also, shipping came very fast despite the pandemic. Will buy again and tell anyone who will listen, keep up the great work!!

The Super Surfer 2.0 Forced Air Dry Herb Extraction

The Super Surfer 2.0 Forced Air Dry Herb Extraction

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