Sherlock Pipes


This is one of our most favorite hand pipe shapes.  It has a lot of character to it, with a big bend in the shaft that holds nice in your hands.  

The famous Sherlock Holmes may not be the one to invent the Sherlock pipe, but he was for Sherlock the one to make the pipe popular.  The Sherlock pipe works the same has any other hand pipe and you should pay attention to the bowl hole size to make sure it is of your desired shape.  Elev8 Glass Gallery will always make sure the hole is the proper size.

Sherlock pipes got their name after their iconic appearance in the hands of Sherlock Holmes over a century ago. Thanks to their elongated shape and curved neck, Sherlock pipes are time tested and unmistakable. These Sherlock pipes have a nice and unique aesthetic that separates them from spoons, chillums, or glass blunts. Believe it or not, the Sherlock pipe was the hand pipe of choice for English smokers back in the day. It is hailed as a classic among smoking connoisseurs because of the great shape and feel. The Sherlock pipe was actually once referred to as a "billard" or "bing," and its influence made it as far as the English colonies in Africa, India, and America. Elev8 Glass Gallery offers an assortment of various styles and designs of Sherlock pipes. The great thing about having this variety of options is that you can grab yourself a perfectly suitable pipe, no matter your preference. 

An extra long and curved Sherlock pipe is also referred to as a "Gandalf Pipe" first created by Starfish designs.  Aptly named after the famous pipe held by Gandalf himself in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, these fun pipes are all you need to feel like a wizard. Gandalf style Sherlock pipes are often long,(sometimes over 12" long!) so they're not quite as portable as a standard Sherlock. However, the mouthpiece is much farther away from the dry herbs bowl than most other Sherlock pipes. This design actually goes beyond pure aesthetics, and has a functional benefit to give you a cooler hit. With a Gandalf pipe, you never have to worry about burning your face from the Sherlock pipe being too short. If you have some concern about lighting your dry herbs in close proximity to your face, then we strongly recommend taking a look a Gandalf pipe.

With the Gandalf style Sherlock pipes, and the variation of these timeless hand pipes, there are also versions that use water called a Sherlock bubbler pipe.  There are some amazing Sherlocks out there, but not all of them have the capability to stand on a flat surface. This causes you to put the Sherlock hand pipe on its side, which looks much less presentable than having stand upright.  Sherlock pipes do not often have the capability to utilize water for filtration. The reason is that the standard design of hand pipes, and Sherlock pipes in particular, does not account for a percolation system. Therefore, Sherlock pipes must be slightly re-engineered in order to account for the intake of water. When you come across a Sherlock bubbler, always take the opportunity to check it out.  If you want more of a selection of pipes like this, check out our bubblers. If you're looking for something even more optimal for filtration, check out our water pipe section

A true glass connoisseur will always a a dope Sherlock pipe in their collection, with out a doubt!

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