Elev8 Veterans & Elev8 Glass Gallery Raffle

Elev8 Veterans & Elev8 Glass Gallery Raffle



Elev8 Distribution, Elev8 Glass Gallery and Elev8 Premier have teamed up with prices and credits worth over $800.  

Each person can receive 1 FREE ticket when you come into one of the two Elev8 Glass Gallery Locations (West or East

Donate now to help Elev8 Veterans and click on the link to learn more
The money donated from this raffle goes 100% to Elev8 Veterans.

The Prizes Include

First Saturday events are open to the public where glass and veterans come together.  Free glassblowing classes are given to children and veterans.  

Elev8 Premier loves the art of glass and they really love showing the community their passion.   Elev8 Veterans love glass as well and find a solace in the art of glass.   Each month the Elev8 Premier and Elev8 Veterans team to put on   a glass event for the glass and cannabis loving community.  These events can be a collaboration with artists, an in house color pull, or just a community get together, although you know there will be glassblowing if you are at Elev8 Premier glass studio. 

  • Elev8 Veterans Shirt Elev8 Veterans Shirt

    Elev8 Veterans Non Profit

    Elev8 Veterans Shirt

    Pride, you either have it or you don't; respect, however, is something that is earned! Show your pride in those who deserve respect: Elev8 our Veterans! To the men, women and their families who serve or have served, we at Elev8 stand behind...


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