Published by Elev8 Presents on 8/13/2020

Danny “The Glass Parrot” N is a local Colorado Springs glass blower who joined the elev8 team this week on another Elev8 @ 8. You can give him a follow @theglassparrot. Danny is also a part of the Elev8 premier glass blowing team so it was awesome to hear his experience and journey of glass blowing. Danny is a veteran of glass blowing so hearing some stories of the changing times was awesome. His start to glass blowing was unique because it was started by an interest from his mom in glass art and he found an Italian crystals shop in Denver and took a class and from there ran with it. 

Now he is in our amazing industry making awesome and beautiful functional glass. Danny has been in the game 19 years, starting small with beads and such with a little “hot head” single torch. He moved into borosilicate glass in early 2000 and from there expanded his knowledge. It was crazy to hear how he figured out glass, as he mentions there wasnt how to books like now-a-days, or many educational tools to teach yourself at all. Danny really loves glass as you could tell with the big smile he had during the entire interview. Being a part of the elev8 Premier team for danny has been amazing, he talked about how the equipment makes everything more fun, and the guys he get to work with make everyday enjoyable. It was awesome to hear from danny make sure you guys give him a follow @theglassparrot. See you guys next week!

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