Ash Catchers or Pre Cooler

Ash Catcher or Pre Cooler

Ash Catchers help keep your pipe clean and is the primary purpose of creation.  They are an excellent attachment or addition to your water pipe or bong and we highly recommend one if you smoke a lot of herbs.  They function by being the first filtration system while also cooling the smoke.

Because they are small they are easier to clean than your large water pipe.  Ash catchers come in a huge array of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. With a J-Hook attachment you can turn any ash catcher into a portable dab rig as well.  

When looking for an ash catcher for your water pipe you will need to take note of the joint size and gender of your ground glass on your pipe.  You will also need to take note of the bowl joint size and gender that you currently have and make sure you get the ash catcher that will match with your current set up.  Please take the time to study your piece and the ash catcher you are looking at getting to make they the work well together. The last thing we all want is for you to get your ash catcher that does not fit up properly.  

Ash Catchers work so well as they catch any resin or ash before it can enter your water pipe.  This leads to better flavor hits through your water pipe.


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