Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are the latest in dabbing accessory for people who love dabbing concentrates. These tiny pearl-like balls can help dabber connoisseurs to get maximum flavor with lower temperature dabs. Extremely high-temperature dabs can degrade potent, therapeutic cannabis compounds resulting in a harsh, burnt flavor which will cause you to cough and hurt.  Terp pearls help get more from a proper low temp dab.

Low-temperature dabs are important to preserve the different flavors of terpenes, aromatic compounds found across the plant world and in cannabis. 

We find that a terp pearl is great, but it must be paired with directional carp cap.  We do feel that terp pearls are more for fun than anything else.  With a good carb cap you can spin your concetrates without a terp pearl.

There are basically 4 types of terp pearls

Opal Terp Pearls

Soft Glass Terp Pears

Borosilicate Terp Pearls

Quarts Terp Pearls

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