Recycler Dabbing Rigs 

Recycler dab rigs are one of the most enjoyable  and unique ways of inhaling vapor or smoke.

Recycler dab rigs are a fairly new technology that has been able to minimize the size of water pipes. Recycler dab rigs usually contain two chambers with the top chamber that recycles the water back down to the lower chamber.  Recyclers are perfect for getting the best flavor from your legal concentrates or dry herbs with their superb functionality and amazing appearance. Using a recycler dab rig guarantees for the smoothest dabs possible because of their technology. They also are some of the best attachments to a vaporizer because of their compact design. 

Recycler dab rigs offer many benefits over a mini tube. First, the top chamber recycles the water back down to the main chamber to the percolator, but it also do a great job at preventing water from getting to your mouth. Splash back is never something a user wants worry about when using their recycler rig.  Second, recyclers are also great for producing very smooth hits. Compared to a conventional water pipe or dab rig, a recycler maximizes the usage of water for ultimate filtration. This means that the smoke or vapor is more thoroughly filtered and cooled through a recycler than with any other type of dab rig or mini tube. The consistent movement of smoke with water also prevents you from inhaling a stale hit. 

Beyond the amazing function of recyclers, they also look really freaking dope!  Recyclers offer some of the most complex designs and are a scientific piece of glass on their own.

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