Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Skoeet Glass & Glass Terms

Elev8 At 8 - Talking Headshop - Skoeet Glass & Glass Terms

Published by Elev8 Presents on 6/25/2020

This week on our Elev8 @ 8 we were joined by one of our very own glass blowers. Thats right, we are a company started by a glass blower SSV_STEVE_ELEV8 so we are lucky to have a glass blowing studio with a team of American made glass! During this live the special guest was Skoeet Glass.It was a good watch, a couple of jokes were cracked. He is definitely a funny guy. Even cooler we got to hear about his style and techniques to his glass. They showed us his style of glass which is something that is unique to most glass blowers. Skoeet showed his can art and his hand art, which they both were bad ass! The ability to make a hand with that much shape and form was cool to see. Thanks to Skoeet for hopping on and bringing some laughs along. After skoeet hopped off the whole elev8 Distribution team hopped on and talked about the great deals going on. Each person had some cool stuff to show off and with a coupon code available for 15 % off you can get a great deal on some amazing Elev8 Products. Elev8 has so many products so its fun to keep seeing the team and getting to talk about what they have going on!

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