Phoenix Oath Glass Replacement Plan



Things unknown happen all the time, that we know for sure. One of the things we do not like to happen is when our beloved glass piece has a mishap. Trust us, we know the feeling and it's not good. We came up with this neat program to help relieve the stress of dealing with replacing a broken piece of glass.

Introducing Phoenix Oath Protection Glass Replacement Plan, a glass insurance program from your family at Elev8 Glass Gallery. If you're insured by Phoenix Oath Protection Glass Replacement Plan and have an accident, just fill out this form! To redeem your coverage, you need to use the same account info you provided when you placed the order for the covered piece. You are able to pick between the following options: 50% off the exact same item, or a discount worth 50% of the original value of your covered glass to be used towards the purchase of a new eligible piece of equal or greater value.

Items Covered By The Phoenix Oath Warranty Program


What does the Glass Replacement Plan program Cost?

The Phoenix Oath Glass Glass Replacement Plan is costs 8% on top of the glass you're purchasing. For example, to Glass Replacement Plan a $100 glass piece, will cost an additional $8.

How long is the Glass Replacement Plan program good for?

The Phoenix Oath Glass Glass Replacement Plan is good for a lifetime!

How much does the Glass Replacement Plan program protect for?

The program insures your glass for half off its replacement cost, or for 50% of its original purchase price.

Do I need to register my Glass Replacement Plan purchase for it to be valid?

As long as you purchase at, we automatically register your purchase for you!

If I break my glass, how do I redeem my Glass Replacement Plan?

To redeem your Glass Replacement Plan, you may either contact us directly, or go to, and fill out the form using the same name and phone number as the account you purchased with.

Once your information has been validated, you will receive a coupon code to use on your replacement order.

Can I purchase the Glass Replacement Plan program on my Glass Replacement Plan replacement?

Absolutely YES!  You just have to pay the original 8% of the retail.  For instance you paid $100 for the piece initially + $8 for POGRP.  Unfortunately it breaks and you use your Oath.  You must pay $58 to get a new piece of glass and have it warrantied.  From here out you pay $58 to have your piece replaced and warrantied.*

*Phoenix Oath Coverage does not cover cost of shipping for replacement glass pieces, unless order price for replacement glass reaches Free Shipping Promotion level of $100 or more.*


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