Wedding Glass

Personalized Custom Wedding Glasses and Toasting Glasses

Wedding glasses are one of the most unique gifts a person can give.  The custom wedding set will become a point of interest at the wedding with the bride and groom doing a toast.  The toast is very important at weddings as this is the time when the bride and groom get to thank everyone for their gifts, and what better way to say thanks, than from a gift made of love.

The wedding glass set that Elev8 Premier makes is very unique in that you get two wedding glasses and one stand.  This is to signify that as a group the bride and groom are stronger than as separate people.  This is the reason that the Elev8 Premier wedding cups are made so they can not stand.  They must be held in their unique cup holders that hold each cup perfectly as a set. 

The custom wedding cups are very special in that each color is made as one chunk, then split into two so that each cup is made from some of the same color.  Its really neat how 2 cups can come from one chunk of color.  Many times it takes 2-4 chunks of color that are split so that 2 full cups can be made.

The wedding glass stand is also very unique in that Elev8 will adorn the stand with custom marbles, coloring and techniques.  If you want a truly special gift to give to the bride and groom, this is the ultimate gift that will say for years to come, I love you!

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