Our herb and flower storage jars’ have attractive designs, durable constructions, and our affordable prices make them perfect for any herb connoisseur. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and shapes to accommodate your lifestyle be it smoking or vaping. Some canister lids provide a tight seal to keep dry ingredients and herbs fresh, while others provide a decorative flair for dry herb storage containers.  If you're wondering where to buy food storage jars and ingredient canisters, we have a large selection of herb and flower storage jars and ingredient canisters for sale at the lowest prices.

Using herb and flower storage jars is one of the most convenient ways to different strains on hand in your session place. Some flower and herbs storage containers are perfect for keeping full flower nugs, keif, sauce or really anything you heart desires. Other storage jars can be kept on your table to be used as a duff jar even.

If you are looking for a glass storage jar to be made custom for you, then you for sure have found the right place!  All the jars we make are made with a 45mm ground joint on top so that you have easy access to your favorite herbs.  Glass storage jars can be customized with marbles, marbled color, the size can be what you like and nearly any glass color can be used to make a custom glass jar by our glass blowing team Elev8 Premier.

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