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Custom Drinking Glass For Your Table

Our custom drinking glass are one of the dopest gifts you will ever give.  Each custom glass is hand made on a lath with only a paddle and blow tube.  When you get a custom glass set it will really make your home a home.  Each time you drink from a custom made drinking glass you will love the feel and taste you get only from a custom drinking glass.

Our table glasses we sell are made for drinking nearly anything that you would drink from a glass.  The only difference is that when you have a custom drinking glass you will be feeling like a king or queen.  

No custom drinking glasses for your dinner table are not cheap, but think about how great that wine or beer is, and how many beers or wines you can enjoy from a dope custom glass.  Really, a nice custom glass is meant for anyone that loves life.  Water is the essence of life, and what better way to get the essence into your mouth than a custom crafted drinking glass.

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