Dab Mats

Dab Mats for Dabbing

Ah, the essential dab mat. What did we do before the dab mat was invented? One thing’s for sure: our consumption area's were messier and a lot less fashionable.

We’re proud to offer a meticulously curated range of dab mats in prints ranging from simple to wild and crazy. Still not sure if you need a dab mat? There are so many reasons that they’re essentials for your dab station!

Why Use Dab Mat?

  • Dab mats will protect your table from wax drips, scratches, or heat damage. They’re kind of like a big coaster, but for your dab rig or banger.
  • Dab Mats also protect your oil rig from being set down on a super-hard surface preventing any kind of chip on that dank glass. Your dab rig won’t be able to slide around as much, and it’ll be cushioned keeping it safer.
  • Dab mats provide you with a great working area for a consumption area. Many people use more than one dab mat to ensure the whole area is covered. You can set your dabbers, torches, carb caps and all your other equipment down on the mat.
  • You can even use a dab mat to cut your waxes on as they do not stick to the silicon dab mats.
  • They’re easy to clean. All you need is dish soap and water.  If that does not work alcohol will do the job on a silicon dab mat.
  • Dab mats are not just for dabbing. Get one for your bong or bubbler. They’re just as appropriate for smoking as they are for dabbing!

How Do I Choose the Right Dab Mat For Me?

Dab mats are such a simple product, there’s not really a lot you’ll need to take into consideration. You will have to look at the size of the dab mats we carry. An XL dab rig will probably require an XL mat, while a small are consumption spot might benefit from a smaller dab mat. Once you know what size dab mat you need, choose one that you enjoy! Browse through our dab mat selection to find your favorite pop-culture-inspired art, or pick something that’s a little more plain and simple. It’s up to you! All of our printed dab mats are made from high-quality materials and provide the best possible surface for your glass rig.

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