Simple Straws

Simple dab straws are made for people who are on a budget and still want to experience the vapor that you get from a dab straw.  Many of the dab straws in this category do not have a lot of color or designs.  This helps to keep the cost down and makes the simple dab straw very affordable.

If you decided to go with the most simple dab straw like a borosilicate dab straw remember to heat the tip uniformly and slowly.  This will give you the longest life possible reducing the risk of cracking.

Quartz simple dab straws can take some thermal heating and are a step up from a borosilicate clear dab straw.  

The Elev8 Dab Bat is a great item that combines quartz and borosilicate.  It is a little more pricey but offer the durability of quartz and gives the tip protection

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