Published by Elev8 Presents on 3/19/2019

The one and only Micro Glass

In this interview we will get to know Micro glass a little more.  We know his artwork and the amazing millies he produces, so lets get to know the amazing Micro!

Get to know Micro Glass in this glassblower interview!

Micro glass is now at year 20, wow has this industry really grown!  He loves the puzzle of glassblowing like how did they do that!

Jerry Kelly is the first person that let Micro blow glass.  Later he got a torch and started in his home that he calls Milwaukee Wisconsin.

He now lives in a 14,000 old school he turned into a house, a studio and a garage.  In the studio he has some glass stations and a really nice cold working room.

Some of the biggest influences is Scott Deppe.   He really likes artists pushing the limits of the art.

About 10 years ago he started making a layered milli work style that he just loves.

Many years ago when Micro glass started there was no one that could tell you how to improve, with today there is an amazing thing called youtube.  

If you are a great glassblower Micro says come on by and lets work.

Milli work will probably be the style that he holds on to and continues to improve.  He does take classes each year trying to improve his skill set.

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