Dabbing is becoming all the rage for concentrates, and here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we have you covered with or selection of meticulously curated glass.  Nearly any water pipe or dab rig can be converted to work with a banger.

We offer both titanium and quartz bangers for all your dab needs. Quartz bangers are great over borosilicate bangers as quartz is much more thermal resistant.  So when you use a torch to heat the banger and then drop in room temperature oil you will not have any worry of the banger cracking when it is made from fused quartz glass.

When looking for a new banger or your first banger you need to take note in what kind of rig or water pipe you will be placing this banger in.  You will need to take note of the joint gender and joint size you have so that you can get the perfectly matched glass banger. If you have any questions always feel free to hit us up by email, phone or social media.  

Dropdowns are an additional attachment many people find very useful for their dabbing needs.  These allow you to place your banger in it further away from the dab rig and the drop down also helps keep your rig cleaner by collecting reclaim before it gets to your dab rig.  

Dabbing Tools


Elev8 Glass Gallery has you covered for all your dabbing tools.  The dab tool is an essential part of dabbing so that you can grab your concentrates and put them in your preferred method of consumption such as a vaporizer, e-nail or banger.  A good dab tool will usually have a small flat end so it can scoop the concentrate up and hold it, where a point may not be as good for this. Dabbers come in all kinds of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, soft glass, borosilicate glass, fused quartz glass and even silicone to name a few.  Concentrate dishes are also a great dabbing tool that you may not think of until you have a dirty dab tool and need to place it down and do not have a good spot. The dish is a perfect place to lay your dabbing tool onto. A dab straw also finds a concentrate dish to be a perfect place to lay itself down on.  What ever your dabbing need is Elev8 Glass Gallery can help you out. If you do not see something you need on our site, call us up, we may be able to help with really off the wall dab tools and supplies.

Glass Recycler Dab Rigs


New to the scene in the last 5 years the recycler is becoming very popular and for great reasons.  They are small and very efficient in the filtration while offering a smooth hit with no splash from the bubbling action.  A recycler works by bubbling up through the water and then dumping the water into an upper chamber and flowing back down into the lower chamber allowing for the smoke to continually percolate threw the water.  Recycler water pipe or dabbing rigs have been design to work best with concentrates and dabbing, but are also great for herbs. They also work amazingly well with a vaporizer to help cool the vapor even more to give the best overall experience.  The recycler was invented by Hamm Waterworks Studio.

Dabbers and Picks


One of the most used tools is a pick or dabber and may actually be an essential part to dabbing.  The simple yet amazing pick can be used to clean your bowl hole, pick up some dabs for dabbing, pop a balloon or one may even use a pick to pick their teeth.  Dabbers and picks can be made from all kinds of materials like steel, stainless steel, titanium, soft glass, borosilicate glass, quartz glass and yes we at Elev8 Glass Gallery have even used a piece of wood as a pick or dabber in a time of need.  

Dabber tips can be designed with just a point while rounded or ballpoint pen style tips help gather the wax concentrate more easily than a pointed pick.  The flat tip on a dabber or pick may be the most universal for scooping and dropping in your concentrate into you nail or banger. Scooper are now becoming more popular as some people just like the biggest dab they can do.  The scooper style dabber allows the user to just scoop a big amount of concentrate. While this is a cool way of consuming concentrates we feel less is more and low is the way to go. Some dabbers even have a carb cap built on the other end so you can easily scoop up some dabs and turn it over to experience a nice low temperature dab.  Elev8 Glass Gallery is proud to offer an aray of artsy dabbers to enhance your dabbing experience produced by the Elev8 Premier Glass team of loca Colorado blowers.

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