Shipping & Returns

General guidelines:


We will accept all approved exchanges and returns on unused Elev8 brand parts and accessories, there are no returns of products from outside artists, this includes Elev8 Premier Artist pieces. For qualifying returns there will be a 15% restocking fee based off of the price paid for the product.

  • We as a company have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, if you contact us within 30 days of receiving your product and are not completely satisfied with your purchase you have the ability to return unused products for a cash refund of the purchase price.
  • Since we want you to experience the difference consumption through vaporization provides, the SSV*, DBV, SUP2* are eligible for return even if they are used, due to federal regulations the glass and consumable parts that are used to test the unit
    (heater cover or baller kit, wand, hose, mouthpiece, waterpipe adapter) will be retained by the customer
    and the retail cost will be deducted from the refund amount.
    **Design Your Own WRS for the SSV and SUP2 are not returnable**
  • We accept only manufacturer defects as exchanges or returns.
    • This does not cover damage from shipping. If you want insurance on your items over $50 than please add insurance during shipping. We move fast so make sure to mark this option during checkout so that it doesn’t go out the door with no insurance.
  • All product must be new and unused to qualify for exchanges or returns. If this is a functionality problem then that normally qualifies for warranty or damage replacement
  • In order to make a return please login to your account page and request a return for your specific order.

*Product returns will not include a refund of shipping cost for initial shipment.



  • We aim to ship all orders within 24 hours of the time when the order is initially placed (excluding weekends). Items which need to be produced may take longer to process, up to 5 business days depending on the specific product. Call us at 719-570-9928 for more details before placing your order.
  • Expedited shipping methods do not guarantee faster order processing times. Services like Fedex Next Day Air, Fedex 2-Day Air, UPS Overnight, and UPS 2nd Day Delivery are guaranteed from the time that the shipping company receives the package from us, these are guarantees promised by the shipping company and they do not account for the time it takes for us to process your order.
  • Due to the nature of some of our products, we will require additional time for order processing, and if expedited processing is required, please contact us to place the order with a representative.
  • Retail orders shipping to within the United States of America totaling over $150 after discounts will be eligible for free shipping, the shipping method will be chosen by the shipping department at the time of shipment.
  • We want to keep your business and work things out. We will provide a Free Shipping Label for all exchanges or store credit on incorrect items we ship.
    For an exchange that was ordered incorrectly or requests for a full refund* simply fill out the return request form and buy a return label to ship your product back to us.
    • You must be logged into your account to processes a return
  • Orders may take up to two (2) business days to be processed and shipped (excluding back ordered or out of stock items, which will extend processing time) packages shipped by expedited methods are no exception to this processing time.

Shipping International Orders

  • International orders may be subject to duties & taxes, or other fees, in addition to the upfront shipping costs. We have no control over this. Please familiarize yourself with your countries policies and laws, so you aren't blindsided by additional fees!

Expedited Shipping Guidelines (Fedex Overnight, Fedex 2-Day, UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air)

  • Expedited shipping services are provided by the shipping company. The shipping fee that you pay to us is then paid directly to Fedex, UPS, or USPS for their service.
  • The delivery date guaranteed by the expedited shipping service that you choose is a promise made by the shipping company and does not include our processing time. All orders have a minimum 24 hour processing window, and some orders  such as customs may take longer to process.
  • The shipping company's delivery date guarantee begins after the shipping company has received the package from Elev8 Distribution.
  • We cannot guarantee that the shipping company will honor their delivery date promise and we are not liable if the shipping company fails in their promised delivery date.
  • Shipping companies do not always offer a money-back guarantee for an expedited shipping service.
    Check with the shipping company's website before placing your order to see if their money back guarantee for expedited shipping is still in effect. 
  • If a shipping company has an active money back guarantee for their expedited shipping service, then we will file a claim on your behalf to secure a refund for the expedited shipping service fees. 
  • We can only issue you a refund for an expedited shipping service after the shipping company approves the late delivery claim and issues a refund to us. 
  • If the shipping company denies the late delivery claim and does not issue a refund, or if they are not offering a money back guarantee for their expedited shipping service, then we cannot issue a refund to you for the expedited shipping service. 

Damaged Goods

  • Items damaged during delivery are not the responsibility of Elev8 Distribution.  You will have to contact the shipping company.  We know this sucks, and why we suggest using UPS or FedEx

Items to address:

  • Glassware
    • We cannot accept any used glass for exchange or return. So please do not experiment, try to use or try to use then clean your product prior to sending it in for exchange or return. If you think you do not like your glass received, then let us know before it is too late! If you send us a used piece of glass it must be dismissed and thrown away! We don’t want to do that, so let’s work together, and make sure this doesn’t happen.
    • We have repair programs available for most glass. Please check out our Phoenix Oath Glass Warranty!
  • Elev8 Premier
  • Electronic Devices
    • All Electronic Devices not by Elev8 Distribution have their own individual warranty. If you need service you will have to contact the manufacture. Of course we are here to help with that if you need any help.
    • Please read all warranty information before submitting for a return or exchange.
    • If your issue does not fall under the warranty information for you unit, then request for an exchange or return.
  • Apparel
    • Apparel should be unworn or have no marks of use before exchanging or returning it. If it does we will not accept it back. The items must have all tags affixed.
    • If your items are stained, stinky, stretched out, ripped, or otherwise than they are considered worn
  • Consumables:
    • We can only accept exchanges on consumables and strictly if they are unopened/untouched. Sorry for no returns on this one.

Elev8 Distribution’s Obligations and Liabilities

Elev8 is committed to processing orders from in a timely fashion and supporting our customers throughout the entire shipping process. When a package is handed off to a shipping carrier, Elev8 Distribution enters into a service agreement with that shipping carrier, and once the package is marked as “delivered” then our service agreement with the carrier has been completed and Elev8 Distribution’s obligation to the customer has been fulfilled. Once a package leaves our facility we are not liable for anything that may happen to that package while in the shipping carrier’s possession. Each shipping carrier has different obligations and liabilities to Elev8 Distribution and to our customers. It is your responsibility as the customer to understand the terms and conditions for the shipping service which you have chosen for your order. More information about the terms and conditions for various shipping services can be found on the respective websites for each shipping carrier. If you have any questions about the shipping services that we offer we would be more than happy to walk through them with you.  

What do I do if something happens to my package after it has been handed off to the shipping carrier?

Different situations will require different steps to be taken, depending on the status of the shipment, and whether it has been delivered or whether the tracking information shows that the package is still in transit.

  • For issues relating to packages that are still in transit:

    • Contact Elev8 Distribution at 719-570-9928 or email us at for any issues relating to packages that are still in transit and we will contact the shipping carrier or our account representatives to try to resolve the issue. Generally these types of issues will require some sort of authorization or claim from the account holder, so Elev8 Distribution will step in and help resolve these issues in any way that we can. This includes packages that have not had their tracking numbers updated in at least 48 hours, packages that have been routed to a different address, packages that are being held at a carrier facility or which are being returned to the shipper, etc. 
  • For issues relating to packages that were marked as “Delivered”:

    • Once a package has been marked as delivered the shipping carrier has technically fulfilled their obligation to Elev8 Distribution, and it becomes the customer’s responsibility to contact the shipping carrier to resolve any issues relating to their shipment. This can include cases of porch piracy, misdelivered packages, or other issues which may arise after a package has been delivered. If the shipping carrier cannot resolve your issue then contact Elev8 Distribution at 719-570-9928 or email us at and we will help you to resolve the issue in any way that we can. 

What if my package was stolen after it was delivered?

“Porch piracy” is a criminal offense that falls outside of the liabilities of the shipping carrier and Elev8 Distribution. Once a package has been delivered the shipping carrier has fulfilled their obligation to Elev8 Distribution and to the customer, except in cases where the customer purchased additional shipment services which the shipping carrier did not carry out, such as a Signature Requirement. If the shipping carrier has fulfilled their duties then cases of “porch piracy” become a criminal complaint. In these cases you as the customer must contact your local law enforcement as well as any agency which may be providing you with Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance. You should also contact the shipping carrier to inform them of the theft. If the item was shipped through USPS you should contact your local postmaster in addition to your local law enforcement and insurance provider.

What if my package arrives visibly damaged or tampered with?

If you receive a package which is damaged or has clearly been tampered with please contact Elev8 Distribution at 719-570-9928 right away so that we can begin filing a claim for indemnity. We will also ask that you email us photographic proof of the damages and/or tampering to Thorough documentation is important for these types of claims. Once we have received all of the documentation we will begin filing the claim for your package. Unfortunately in these cases we cannot replace the damaged or missing items in full until the claim has been approved by the shipping carrier. In some cases we may be able to work with you to get replacements for the missing products at a discount while the claim is being processed; once a claim is accepted by the shipping carrier and that carrier has disbursed funds back to Elev8 Distribution we can refund you for the discounted glass which you purchased.

What if I purchased expedited shipping but my package arrived late?

Some expedited shipping services such as UPS Next Day Air and Fedex Standard Overnight come with a guaranteed delivery date. This is a promise made by the shipping carrier which often carries a money-back guarantee. It is your responsibility as the customer to understand the terms for a shipping carrier’s money-back guarantee and to check with the carrier before purchasing an expedited shipping service to ensure that their money-back guarantee is actively in effect for that service. If a shipping carrier fails in their delivery date guarantee, and if they have an active money-back guarantee for the service that you purchased, you must contact Elev8 Distribution so that we can file a claim to have the shipping fee refunded. Elev8 Distribution cannot provide you with a refund for the shipping fee until the shipping carrier has accepted our claim. Once a refund has been issued by the shipping carrier, Elev8 Distribution can then issue a refund to you. 

What can I do to prevent potential shipping issues?

There are a few steps that you can take to help prevent issues with your shipment, but sometimes unexpected circumstances arise with shipments even when the customer is diligent about providing detailed information and purchasing extra protections. 

  • Provide detailed and complete billing and shipping address information when placing your order.

    • Information provided by the customer is copied over to the shipping label exactly as it was provided to us. Sometimes our shipment processing program will correct minor mistakes automatically, but ultimately it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a complete and accurate shipping address, and Elev8 Distribution is not liable for any issues which may result from a mistake in the shipping address which the customer provided.

  • Purchase additional services like a Signature Requirement for your shipment.

    • Shipping carriers have optional delivery services which can be purchased for your shipment, the most common optional service that customers request is a Signature Requirement which forces the delivery driver to get a signature from someone at the delivery address before releasing the package. These types of services cost an additional fee which the customer is responsible for paying, we cannot add an optional service to a shipment without first collecting payment for that additional service from the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the terms of each optional service and the liabilities associated with those services. Call us at 719-570-9928 to purchase an optional service for your order, or to place a new order with an optional service included.

  • Purchase additional ‘insurance’ coverage for your shipment.

    • Many shipping services have a baseline insurance coverage and it is your responsibility as the customer to understand the amount of basic coverage which is provided for the shipping service which you selected on checkout. Most shipping carriers also have an option to purchase additional ‘insurance’ coverage for your shipment. Keep in mind that this is typically not considered a true ‘insurance’ service, it is a Declared Value service that requires the shipper (Elev8 Distribution) to pay an additional fee based on the value which is being declared. Once the fee has been paid the shipping carrier will reimburse Elev8 Distribution up to the Declared Value of the package if the items are damaged or if the package is tampered with while in transit. Refer to the “What if my package arrives visibly damaged or tampered with?” section above for more information on filing a claim for indemnity on packages with a Declared Value service.

    • We have also opted to offer our customers protection through the third party provider, Route insurance can be purchased at the time of checkout and covers the following issues, lost packages, stolen packages and damage due to the shipping process.  Specific details regarding the claim process can be obtained Here as well as what is covered.  If you have purchased Route insurance for you products you can file a claim Here, or we can file the claim on your behalf and someone from Route will respond within 24 to 48 hours after the claim is filed to follow up with the next steps in the process.

Additional Resources

Each shipping carrier has different terms, liabilities, and obligations related to the shipments with which they have been entrusted. All of this information can be found on their respective websites, and you can also call their customer service hotlines to ask their representatives specific questions which you may need answered. The following links contain useful information related to each shipping carrier:

Resources for USPS:

Resources for Fedex:

Resources for UPS

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