Elev8 Premier Rigs

Elev8 Premier has been making glass for nearly 15 years now!   They specialize in vape parts, glass dab rigs, water pipes, hand pipes, marbles and really any kind of glass you can think of.

Elev8 Premier glass is located in Colorado Springs at the heart of Pikes Peak.  If you are ever down in Colorado Springs the crew at Elev8 Premier welcomes you to stop by and say high.

Elev8 Premier specializes making pipes, but they are also very skilled at making unique dab rigs and water pipes.  If you have an idea that you want to see come to life, please feel free to hit us up and talk with us.  We can even put you in touch with a glassblower so they can really dial in your ideas.  Note that no one can really see what you have in your mind, the cats at Elev8 Premier glass studio can sure make it seem like they can see what you have up there.  If they can not figure it out, its ok.


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