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Bangers, Nails & Domes for Dab Rigs & Water Pipes

Bangers, nails and domes are an essential accessory when using a dab rig. Traditionally, dab oil rigs come standard with a standard nail and standard oil dome. However, as technology has become more advanced, many serious concentrate users prefer to upgrade from the old-school dome and nail set up. This is why Elev8 is proud to offer a wide selection of nails and bangers, so you can customize your bong or rig to function exactly as you want it to.

Bangers, nails and domes can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, all with their own unique benefits and function. If you're tired of the standard nail and dome setup you may be interested in upgrading to a banger. Bangers are a type of concentrate nail that feature a bucket that you load you concentrates into once hot and can be borosilicate or quartz, but we recommend only a quartz banger or nail. Another option is a dome less nails, dome less nails typically don't feature a bucket but do provide the ease of use and convenience that bangers do. Whether you're looking for a dome less nail, e-nail, or banger, Elev8 Glass Gallery offers a wide selection of all of these in several materials such as glass, quartz, titanium and ceramic. Don't worry about sizes - no matter if you have a 10mm, 14mm or 19mm bong or rig, Elev8 also carries a wide variety of joint sizes and angles so you can find the perfect banger or nail for your set up.

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