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The Art of Glass is amazing and is an item that is made, generally as an artwork for decoration but often also for utility like a pipe, cup, pen and more.  Made from glass, and sometimes combined with other materials to make some amazing pieces of glass art.

Techniques include stained glass windows, leaded lights, glass that has been placed into a kiln so that it will mold into a shape is called slumping, glassblowing, sandblasted glass, and copper-foil glass-work. In general the term glass art is restricted to relatively modern pieces made by people who see themselves as artists who have chosen to work in the medium of glass and both design and make their own pieces as fine glass art, rather than traditional glass worker craftsmen, who often produce pieces designed by others, though their pieces certainly may form part of art. Studio glass art is another term often used for modern glass art made for artistic purposes. Glass art has grown in popularity in recent years with many artists becoming famous for their work; and, as a result, more colleges are offering courses in glass work.  The glass pipe industry has no doubt advanced the glass art field immensely.

Types of Glass Art

Glass Art Pendants and Jewelry-
Glass pendants are often a direct expression of an artist’s inspiration.  Many hours of work can go into making an intricate glass art pendant. With millies, wig-wags, opals, implosions, and #ghosttech, Elev8 Glass Gallery has a great selection of custom glass art pendants. If you are looking for a glass art pendant to be custom made for you, please hit us up.  With our connection to some of teh top blowers, we can get you a custom pendant the way you like it.  We also have a ton of glass pendants that are not on the website we have access to at some of our sister locations.  We would b happy to do a live shot of our current stock if you are looking for glass pendants and you want to see more.

Custom Glass Art Drinking Glasses-

Glass Art Drinking glass are made for glass connoisseurs that appreciate finer things in life.   These custom  glass art drinking glass are hand crafted and require a deep skill in glassblowing.  You can pick from nearly any shape possible when thinking of a custom drinking glass.  We have heard that a custom made drinking glass will increase the taste of the beverage by over 10x.  Now, we do not know the for sure, but we have hear it to be true.  Either way a custom drinking glass is dope!  We can help get you a custom drinking glass with your name in the bottom even!  Do you know of some one getting married?  Well, a custom wedding glass set will sure to be the talk of the wedding.  These amazing custom works of art will be able to be used each anniversary making it the most special time of the year.

Glass Art Housewares-

Housewares can range from glass art pens to glass art salt and pepper shakers and more.  Check out our section of housewares made of glass.

Glass Art Marbles-

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all played with marbles made of stone or polished nuts. Shakespeare mentioned marbles in his play Twelfth Night. The earliest settlers brought them to America from Europe, and even a few founding fathers shot a skilled game! A kids’ game, glass marbles has also become an officially recognized sport with its own world championship competition governed by the Official Set of State and Interstate Rules. Stone or clay formed the earliest marbles, but the alabaster “alley taws” made better shooters than the cheaper, clay “commoneys.” In the mid-19th century, a German glassblower invented a pair of special scissors to cut the molten glass, making glass marbles affordable for the first time. Glass marbles quickly dominated the market, particularly after industrial machines made them more efficiently, lowering the price of the glass marble. Valued as much for their beauty as the games played with them, glass marbles inspired one 19th-century enthusiast to describe the “twisted spiral of colored filament” in glass marbles as “thin music translated into colored glass.” Parents frowned when kids “lost their marbles” in games of chance, and today both children and adults consider marbles collectibles as well as time-honored toys.

Our selection of glass marbles is meticulously curated from some of the finest glass artists around. 


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