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Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer, Glass Distributors & Educators

Elev8 Distribution is a small manufacturer/full-service distributor of some of the finest products on earth.  As we may be small we have a love and passion for the industry like no other.  Yes, we are here to make money like you, but we are also here to bring value and support only Elev8 can offer. 

We have been in the industry since 2004, working with some of the biggest leaders in the industry.  We are the exclusive distributor for Elev8 Vehicles like the infamous SSV offering the most unique and featured packed vape/e-banger/oil diffuser on the market.

Our owner is also a glassblower bringing 17 years of glass skill to our company allowing us to offer the highest quality American-made and foreign-made glass that you will be amazed at.  We are based in Colorado Springs, one of the epicenters of the cannabis industry so you can rest assured our meticulously curated selection of goods is what your customers want and need.

Making Oil Diffusers since 2004 and used by celebrities like Willie Nelson, Woody Harelson and Roger Daltrey.   Elev8 offers the most unique oil diffusing vehicles in the industry.  Not only are the machines unique like you, and they can be fully customized to your liking.  The vehicles are also made to the highest quality standards with final production and assembly taking place in Colorado Springs.   Elev8 allows the consumer to experience dry herbs and oils. 

Working with our glass team we have the ability to give you the high-quality American-made glass you are looking for.  We offer a beautiful selection of custom repeatable pipe styles that are sure to give your customers that high-quality American-made glass they are looking for.  We also can connect you with one of our skilled glassblowers to get you that one off the glass that will take your shop to the next level.

Knowing that foreign glass is setting standards for quality and affordability, Elev8 Distribution has meticulously curated only the finest glass on earth.  What Elev8 Glass has done is to combine the efforts of the foreign team along with the American team to bring you some affordable glass that can be customized.  We like that the owner of Elev8 Glass has been to the far-away facilities to train and be trained on making only the highest quality glass also assuring the work standards are equal or greater than the standards in the USA.

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