Wands and Whips

Wands & Whips  Upgrades For Desktop Vaporizers

Hot air extraction for dry herb vaporizing happens with the user interface called a whip.  This is what connects the user and the vehicle for consumption.  The art of vaping is enhanced with amazing custom wands and mouthpieces that with some tubing make the whip for the Silver Surfer and Super Surfer the best in the world.  

With the help of Elev8 Premier, you can upgrade nearly any part of any vaporizer.  Since 2004 Elev8 Premier has been producing the glass and custom glass for the Surfer line.  They know what is needed to Elev8 your experience.  Adding a custom whip to your Surfer will for sure enhance your daily vaping.  If you do not see what you are looking for to upgrade the glass on your vaporizer let us know. We work hand in hand with some of the best glass vaporizer parts makers and will make sure you get what you are looking for when it comes to premier vaporizer wand upgrades.  

The vaporizer wands can be made in many styles, shapes and colors.   Feel free to look around and when that piece of glass calls your name, add that custom vape wand to your cart.  See something that you like, but if it was changed just a little you would love it!  We can make that vape wand dream come true.

What is a Wand?

The wand is what holds your herb and connects to the Vehicle.

What is a Whip?

A whip consists of a wand, tubing and a (mouthpiece or water pipe adapter)

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