How do you contain sticky wax, shatter and dab oils?

Proper dab storage keeps your favorite dab concentrates fresh and ready for when you want to dab them!

Browse our variety of dab silicon, which keep waxes, oils and shatter safe from light, heat and humidity, which can break down flavors and aromas. Engineered expressly for the purpose, these containers make it easy to scoop every last dab.

Silicone containers are airtight and nonporous, protecting your concentrates from the damaging oxygen and light. If you don’t store your concentrates in an airtight silicone container, the flavor will degrade over time. Destabilization may also occur of your dabs, resulting in a change in consistency. If you’re scooping larger amounts of concentrates you should seriously consider investing in some silicone, otherwise you’re losing precious terpenes. (Terpenes even play a role in your smoking experience by binding to receptors within your brain.)

Silicone containers also prevent dust and other particles from settling on your dab concentrates. If you’ve got an animal, you know the struggle of keeping your dabs hair-free. Take the precautions to keep your concentrates fresh and hair free by sealing them in silicone containers!

Dab concentrates are difficult to play with. The sticky nature of most dab oils and waxes make dabbing a potential mess. Silicone containers make it easier to handle your concentrates by storing them in a designated receptacle. Dab containers reduce the need to handle your concentrates with your hands or tools, an act that actually degrades the quality of your oil by transferring skin oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria onto the dab concentrates.

Keep your dab concentrates in your silicone container and always handle it with a dabber tool!

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