Elev8 Silver Surfer Experience Glass Open


 Join my 17 year dream!  It is an experience and I need your help!

THOUSANDS in prize money as well as a community experience!  


Register now as there are limited openings 

Experience The Elev8 Silver Surfer Glass Open Experience
4 Stage Experience

This event is to showcase the Silver Surfer vehicle and why it is the industry's most versatile machine while being as unique as you.  Taking into consideration how busy you are, the event is over 6 months.  The first Stage is over 2 months and should not take more than 4-10 hours to do (depending on prep). 

We NEED your help!  Not only is Silver Surfer America's top desktop vaporizer, E-Banger and wax melt diffuse, but it is built from the ground up, just like our industry has been.  In 2004 Steve started the Silver Surfer and had to teach himself how to blow glass to get the parts made.  Times were good, the world was not marketing hard in the business.   During legalization the big boys (pax & greenlane) began to powerhouse with marketing, soon puffco and others came in hard with amazing marketing.

Fast forward to now and the Silver Surfer is used by people like Willie Nelson and Woody Haralson, yet you may not have heard of it.  It is still the only vape built in the USA that can be fully customized with glass by American glassblowers.  Steve has built this company with no help from the outside and he is looking to use his time on the torch and the relationships he has built to have a fun, yet rewarding adventure to market the Silver Surfer with your help.  

We need your help and would love for you to be a part of this adventure! 

We will have a booth at Glass Vegas to show off all the kits.  Please join us and be a part of this experience!

You must be prepared to separate from your glass for up to 6 months if you want to keep it.  We ask this as this is a big project and we want to gather all the parts and offer them in one big nice kit for stage 4 to show off the full beauty of the Silver Surfer.  Because of this, we have come up with some neat ways to make this work.  We are so excited to get to work with our peers, so let's go!!

REFER A BLOWER AND EARN 1/2 lb. in Elev8 Premier Butter Color. This is good for the first 20 blowers that are referred.  Like the Silver Surfer was built by word of mouth, this experience is also built with word of mouth from you.

The blower you refer must complete all 4 stages (does not have to do the artwork)

You will receive 1/2 of Butter Color no later than 2 months after Stage 4 is completed.  This just helps us with production.



Since 2004 our vehicles have ELEV8ED the industry grass roots.  Now we are calling on you to help us.

You can make a little extra cash too

You can take this opportunity to have you visit your favorite headshop and see what the parts look like in person.  If the shop does not have the Surfer, we have a problem.  We need your help, so if this is the case and there is not a Silver Surfer at the shop, let us know by just emailing sam@elev8distribution.com and let us know to give them a call.  If we can get one in there, we will give you a 1 time 15% commission fee on the items sold for the first order placed from your shop. 

  Learn About Making More Money

How the buy-out for the glassworks. 
We have 3 options so you can get paid for your work.  

  1. The fast buy-out @ Distributor cost with option to also earn 20% of the retail sales if it sells retail.

    1. We will buy the glass (Stage 1 (wand, knob & carb cap), Stage 2 (Aroma Top), and Stage 3 Rig) from you for 25% under wholesale once we receive it. This is so we can pay our wholesale staff as well as all the other overhead we know of.  We would also pay you 20% of the retail sales price if the item sells retail on our end as a thank you so much for the opportunity.  
  2. Send us the glass and get paid when it sells.  Get 80% of the wholesale price (we pay our sales reps 20% commission) or get 80% of the retail sales price!

    • We take the pictures, put it on the site and we can offer you 20% under wholesale if our wholesale team makes the sale.
    • If the item sells retail then we will pay you 80% of the retail sales price. If you sell the glass wholesale or retail, hey you keep the money and we will ship it to your customer on our dime for the opportunity to work together.  
    • You do not have to sell us the glass at all.  When this is over we will ship it all back to you, or ship it where it needs to go if it so
  3. Just keep the glass for you or trade.   With this project, we need all the glass sent to us for images and judging.  We also will be brining this experience to Glass Vegas to show it all off and hopefully get a chance to meet you all in person!! 

    • Or, we can leave it on the site and you can opt to receive 80%of the wholesale price if our team sells it in the future, or you can receive 80%** of the retail price if we sell it on the site.  
    • All glass that is posted on the Elev8 Glass Gallery for sale is subject to any sales that the site may offer.  This can cut into the profits of the glass.  You need to know this also helps move the glass faster.  We do not offer no more than a 10% discount on wholesale orders, and you may also be subject to that discount if the sales team feels the need a discount to move the glass.   They make more if you make more, so they are on your team.

We will have a special guest judge Bandhu Dunham to have this judged in person.  It is the only way to truly see glass.  Once this is over, we will send the glass to you and remove it from the sale from our site.

Once we get this glass on the site we will put it up for both retail and wholesale sales.  Once the item sells, it will also not ship out to the customer until the end of Stage 4.  They understand this.  The good news is you will be paid once we are paid (give us up to two weeks for the bookkeeper).  

We understand this is all built on some serious trust.  We have fully taken into considering this idea of you sending the glass to us, then us taking pictures and holding for up to 6 months.  We get it, this is different and taking a lot of trust on your end, into us.  We feel we have earned the trust of the industry as we have been here 17 years working with many of the oldest and trusted head shops in the industry.   If you have been to any of the Champs shows in the last 15 years, you have seen us there!  We guarantee any research you do will lead you to know we are a trusted partner in the industry and we only hope this to open many more doors for us all in the future.

 Click to see the BUY-OUT



July 15- Aug 31
You have plenty of time!!


  • Must be Delivered to Elev8 Distribution for knob completion and wand completion no later than Sept. 5.  We need time to get it all produced and photographed.  Voting is from Set.10 to Sept. 15 

  • Make a Wand, Knob, and Carb Cap for the Silver Surfer to show off the ability of the Silver Surfer that it can do dry herbs and concentrates

This is the temperature control for the Surfer.  The back can be pushed in with a metal dowel, or you can make a hollow part.  This needs to be able to accept the plastic part so the knob and be easily put on and off the Silver Surfer.




We highly recommend that the wand is completed by one of our top Elev8 Premier blowers.  We know you can do it, but if the part is not perfect we have issues.  We would appreciate the wand to be left just like in the picture with the blow tube attached and the end closed.  We will add the spherical flavor disc joint and open the back end to the perfect size.





This is to show off the versatility of the Silver Surfer.  This carb cap is like most carb caps, but it must have some dimensions proper or it will not fit the Dab Dish.silver-surfer-expericence-carb-cap-build.jpg


  • You will have to send us all this glass.  We will add the front to the wand, we will weld in the part for the knob and we will take pictures of it on the Standard Silver Surfer Experience WRS.

  • Elev8 Glass Gallery will host the glass on their site.  They will have it for sale, and it can be purchased, but it will not be shipped to the buyer until after Stage 4 is completed.  If the blower sells the glass, again it can not be shipped until after stage four is finalized.  So blower, sell the glass, but let the person know they can not get it until after stage 4

  • If for some reason the glass breaks while we are finishing up the wand we can not be held responsible.   All your glass will be handled as if it were ours, if not better, I mean we want this to desperately work.  If for some reason something unfortunate happens we will work with you to get it back to the original.   We do not expect anything to happen as the wand build is super easy and we also do it under a Bunsen burner, so we feel very very good about this.  

  • If your glass is broken during shipping we will send it back to you our we will work with you to fix it.  We can not be held reliable for broken glass, but we will do everything in our power to make it right if something does happen.

  • All glass needs to be shipped to ELEV8 SSV CONTEST 1450 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916

  • Prizes will be paid out to winners no later than October 1, 2021



STAGE 1 Prizes

  1. $1000 in cash + 5lb Elev8 Butter Color + 5 lbs of Lined Tubing Northstar Color + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  2. $500 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing  + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  3. $100 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  4. 1lb Elev8 Butter Color + 1 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  5. Elev8 T-Shirt + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker




Sept.1 - Oct 31
You have plenty of time!!


  • As soon as we receive your Stage 1 glass, we will ship out 3 CLEAR aroma top blanks to you for your build.  This is just if something messes one up or you have a new idea.
  • Build an aroma top that will be the cherry to your full Silver Surfer Kit.  The standard dish is made of borosilicate glass you can fuse your art right to it.  Be careful as it is made in a mold and if not kept warm, can crack.  
  • Elev8 will take pictures of the aroma top with your kit
  • You will be paid out the same as in Stage 1.
  • The Aroma Top needs to ship to ELEV8 SSV CONTEST 1450 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916
  • The Aroma Top can not be shipped until after Stage 4 is completed.
  • Prizes will be paid out to winners no later than Dec. 1, 2021

STAGE 2 Prizes

  1. $500 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing + Northstar Color + Bath bomb + Super Soaker
  2. $200 in cash + 1lb Elev8 Butter Color + 1 lbs of Lined Tubing  + Bath bomb + Super Soaker
  3. $100 in cash + 1lb Elev8 Butter Color + 1 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath bomb + Super Soaker
  4. 1lb Elev8 Butter Color + 1 lbs of Lined Tubing
  5. SWAG for the next 5 runner ups 


Nov.1 - Dec. 31
You have plenty of time!!  You can start this at any stage.

VOTING Jan 15-20

    • Make Rig to complement Stage 1 and that will also complement the art in Stage 3B

    • You must take part in stage 1 as well.

    • Have as much fun as you want with this!  This rig should match your kit from Stage 1 and match the art you will have done for the Silver Surfer.  

    • Must connect to a Silver Surfer (can use our Water Pipe Adapter or make your own).  Good news is that this can be a 10mm, 14mm or 19mm female joint. We highly discourage using a male joint.  You can even come up with a clever way to have the wand connect to your rig.

    • We have a few options to buy and sell your glass, or you can keep it and sell it yourself.  We will even ship it to whoever (in the continental USA) you like at the end of Stage 4

    • Elev8 Glass Gallery will have pictures taken of the rig if you send it to Elev8 Glass Gallery.  We highly recommend this.  We can take care of it, as well as we can bring it to Stage 4 and set up Stage 2B and Stage 3 with it.  Remember, this is a long term project, and like a tree will be way cooler when fully grown.

    • The Aroma Top needs to ship to ELEV8 SSV CONTEST 1450 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916

    • You will be paid the same as stage 1

    • Prizes will be paid out to winners no later than Feb 1. 2022

STAGE 3a Prizes

  1. $2000 in cash + 5lb Elev8 Butter Color + 5 lbs of Lined Tubing +1 lb Northstar Color  + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  2. $500 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing  + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  3. $250 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  4. 1lb Elev8 Butter Color + 1 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  5. SWAG for the next 5 runner ups






Nov. 1-Dec. 31

 VOTING Jan 15-20

  • Create a work of art for the Silver Surfer to match your Silver Surfer kit.  If you are not good at art, no worries, this is where you get to lean on someone you know, or someone you admire.  If you are a hermit like Steve, you may need some help, and we got you covered.  We have an in-house artist that can help. 
  • If you want your art to resell again and again as a Silver or Super Surfer Wave Rider option, Elev8 Glass Gallery will pay you $30 every time it sells, up to 150 total units.  Then we will stop selling that art after the 150 limit.
    • When you submit this art it does become the property of Elev8 Distribution in order to print the art, publicize and market the art, as well as keep it for future publicity.  There will be 1 unit made at the discretion of Elev8 Distribution to be sold as part of the glass kit at the end of Stage 4. 
  • If you win or loose you can still be a part of the Elev8 Silver Surfer team.  Once we have your art we can put it up for sale if you like.
  • Note that there will be an option to print 2 surfers with your art on them when you submit the art to us.  The first one may or may not be printed.  This #1 is for Steve.  He keeps all #1s.  The #2 will be the unit to be sold with the kit at the end of Stage 4.  If you choose to let Elev8 recreate your art, it may be printed up to 150 total times.  #1 for Steve, #2 for Stage 4, and the rest of the 148 will be options to be sold on the Elev8 Glass Gallery website both retail and wholesale.  You will be compensated $30 for each of the remaining 148 units as they sell.   Elev8 Distribution will pay this out at the end of each quarter.
  • The Aroma Top needs to ship to ELEV8 SSV CONTEST 1450 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916

Prize Money

  • If you did the art, you win the money
  • If you had an artist help you win, well kick ass!  You will need to let us know who the artist is so we can pay them the prize money
  • If you win but Elev8 did the art with you, you will win 50% of the prize
  • Prizes will be paid out to winners no later than Feb 1. 2022

STAGE 3b Prizes

  • $350 in cash + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker
  • $200 in cash  + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker
  • $100 in cash  + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker
  • SWAG for the next 5 runner ups



All sets will be on display at Glass Vegas Feb. 2022 show.

VOTING is Jan. 21-26

  • This when we show off the full kits to be judged.  WOW, this was a long fun challenge and we are so stoked everyone joined in.  We did this so that while someone might not so much be able to say make a rig maybe as well as someone else, but they have an amazing idea and can deliver on the FULL kit.  As a full set, it just has to be looked at as a new judgement.  

  • This will be voted on by a group of judges.  1 point from Steve and the Elev8 Distribution warehouse staff, 1 point from Bandhu Dunham to be announced, 1 POINT from the world. You are in control of how you get the votes for your items by the public.  We for sure post and promote.   You also need to help promote your work and get them votes.  

    • We are having a 3 point system based on each item getting a vote to keep this as fair as possible.  Over the years we have seen ways we feel would make judging better, and we feel this is it.
  • Prizes will be paid out to winners no later than April 1. 2022

STAGE 4 Prizes

  1. $1000 in cash + 5lb Elev8 Butter Color + 5 lbs of Lined Tubing + Northstar Color + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  2. $200 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing  + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  3. $50 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  4. 1lb Elev8 Butter Color + 1 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  5. Elev8 T-Shirt + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker


Who is participating in the EXPERIENCE?















1. Promotion Description: The ELEV8 SILVER SURFER Contest (the “Contest”) begins on July 15, 10 a.m. MST and the period for entering the Contest ends on Sept. 8, 10 p.m. MST (the “Entry Period”). By participating in the Contest, each entrant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and the decisions of Elev8 Distribution. (“Sponsor”) which shall be final and binding in all respects. Following the end of the Entry Period, the judging criteria will be based on, as determined solely by Sponsor, the most creative use of The Silver Surfer Kit (can include but not limited to KNOB, WAND, MOUTHPIECE, CARB CAP, RIG and WATER PIPE ADAPTER). The winner will be notified by email and announced online by Sponsor. The winner will receive a Prize consisting of: 

REFER TO HOME PAGE OF www.elev8glassopen.com






2a. Eligibility: Only individuals over the age of twenty-one (21) years of age who are residing and located in the United States are eligible to enter. The Contest is void where prohibited.
2b. You can enter individually or as a team.  If you enter as a team, you can not enter with any other team.  You also can not join as an individual.  
2c.  You must compete in Stage 1 to compete in Stage 2.  You must compete in Stage 2 to compete in Stage 3.  You must compete in Stage 3 to compete in Stage 4. 
2d.  You can join at any stage.  If you join at Stage 2, you must also produce the items of Stage 1 and ship with your Stage 2.  Same with Stage 3.  If you join at Stage 3, you must also submit Stage 1 and Stage 2. 

3.How to Enter: Participants must send the completed item or items to Elev8 Distribution and be received  before the judging time.  Include a description, videos encouraged to talk about the item, inspiration and why you did it. Send to  (1450 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80916) and email any video or images to customercare@elev8distribution.com within the Entry Period. By submitting an entry, you confirm that you have the right, including any required permission of individuals depicted in the photo and/or video, to publicly perform or display the video. You also confirm that you have the right to include in your photo and/or video, and to publicly perform or display any music accompaniment in the video. All entries must be received during the Entry Period to be eligible. Sponsor is not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected entries that are not received in a timely manner, or are lost due to computer or electronic malfunction or other error, or due to inaccessibility of the Internet or portions thereof.  Any glass that is broken during shipping can either be sent back to you to fix, or we can try to fix it based on your call.

4. Additional Rules Relating to the Submission of Photo and/or Video: By submitting any photo and/or video to the Contest, Participants hereby grant to Sponsor and its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees and assigns, an irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, prepare derivative works of, modify, publish and otherwise make use of the submitted photo and/or video in any and all media, whether now known or hereinafter created, throughout the world and for any purpose. In addition to other things, the rights granted to Sponsor include but are not limited to the right to censor, compress, edit, feature, caption, affix logos to, and to otherwise alter or make use of the submitted photo and/or video. In addition, by submitting any video to the Contest, Participants hereby represent and warrant that the submitted photo and/or video or information does not and shall not infringe on any copyright or other right of any third party, and Participant has the right to grant any and all rights and licenses granted to Sponsor herein, including but not limited to all necessary rights under copyright, free and clear of any claims or encumbrances. Sponsor may, but shall have no obligation to, post, display or otherwise make publicly available any content submitted by you, and may in its sole and unfettered discretion, remove, edit, modify or delete any portion of the photo and/or video or information that you submit to the Contest. 

5. Privacy: Information provided to enter the Contest will not be sold to third parties but may be shared as may be necessary for the purposes of conducting and judging the Contest and awarding prizes. The Sponsor, its affiliates, and companies supplying prizes (or parts thereof) in connection with this Contest may from time to time contact entrants via email concerning the Contest, and each entrant consents to receiving such communications via email. By submitting any photo and/or video to the Contest, the entrant acknowledges and agrees that any content submitted may be made available for viewing, voting and comment on by the public, and understands that comments with which the entrant disagrees or is unhappy about may be published or otherwise become associated with any submitted video. Entrants hereby waive any privacy expectations that they may have with respect to any video submitted to the Contest. 

6. Automated or Forged Entries Prohibited: No mechanically reproduced, incomplete, forged, software generated or automated multiple entries will be accepted. 

7. Winner Selection: The winner will be judged by Steve, (judge to be determined) based on the cleanliness of the glass, how it enhances the Silver Surfer, and the overall look of each project.  

8. Prize Details: Prizes are what are posted in each stage.  You will be responsible for any taxes that may be needed to be paid.  

9. General Prize Conditions: The winner will be required to execute an Affidavit of Eligibility, Release of Liability and Prize Acceptance Form (collectively, the “Prize Claim Documents”). If a Winner fails or refuses to sign and return the Prize Claim Documents within three (3) days of prize notification, the Winner may be disqualified. Prizes are not transferable and not assignable. No substitutions of prizes will be allowed, except Sponsor reserves the right to substitute prize(s) of comparable or greater value in the event a prize or any portion thereof becomes unavailable for any reason. Winners shall be solely responsible for all taxes and fees or costs associated with any prize, including but not limited to any federal or state or other income tax, ground transportation (except as expressly stated above), meals (except as expressly stated above), gratuities, personal expenses and any other expenses not expressly specified herein. 

10. Limitations of Liability The Sponsor assumes no liability, and shall not be liable, for typographical or other errors in the offer or administration of the Contest including, without limitation, errors in the printing or display of the offer and official rules, selection, notification and announcement of the Category Winners or Grand Prize Winner, or distribution of the prizes. The Sponsor is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by internet users or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Contest and assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to any systems associated with the Contest. 

11. Release: Acceptance of a prize constitutes the prize winner’s permission for Sponsor to use prize winner’s name and likeness for advertising and/or promotional purposes worldwide and in all forms of media in perpetuity without further compensation or authorization. Additionally, prize winner also agrees that Sponsor may publish or reproduce the winner’s photo and/or video on Sponsor’s website and other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Participants agree that Sponsor and its affiliates, and their officers, employees, agents and representatives (collectively, the Sponsoring Entities”), shall not be responsible for any losses, damages or injuries of any kind resulting from participation in the Contest or from Participants’ acceptance, receipt, possession and/or use or misuse of any prize. Participants also agree that the Sponsoring entities have not made and shall not in any manner be liable for any warranty, guarantee, or representation, whether express or implied, with respect to any prize, including without limitation, the prize’s quality or fitness for a particular purpose. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who is found to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Contest or the Site, to be acting in violation of these Official Rules, or who otherwise takes actions that do or are intended to disrupt or undermine the legitimate operation of the Contest. Sponsor also reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any entry containing any obscene, offensive or otherwise inappropriate comments or other matter. 

12. Governing Law: All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules shall be governed and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of California, without regard to the choice of law provisions thereof. 

13. Name of Winner: The name of the winner will be published on Elev8GlassGallery.com no later than two weeks after the end of each stage.

14.  Payout of glass.  If you end up taking option 2 and we hold your glass you will be paid when it sells.  If you take option 3, you will be paid after we receive tracking that we can give to the customer.  


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