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“We are all ONE race, the human race.”
Steve Kelnhofer, owner/founder, 14-year glassblower

It was over 14 years ago that Steve started blowing glass in order to keep up with the demand from the public. During that time, he recognized a need for larger quantities of repeatable and scientifically blown glass.  He began training in house glassblowers here in Colorado Springs, but soon realized they could not keep up with the demand. With this, he set out to find the best foreign artisans in the industry.

Steve began his travels and found a team of glassblowers in China.  After working with them for several years Steve became confident in the production quality and has since been in partnership with them.   With this expansion of glass blowers, Steve and Elev8 Premier can concentrate on perfecting functioning art and growing in the best ways.


Quality glass is our top priority and we assure every piece of Elev8 glass is meticulously curated by Steve, the owner.  Our goal is to get you the best quality glass at the most affordable prices. That means you will never get glass that we can not fully guarantee and stand behind.  We support honest, glass artists to supply you with the most amazing glass on the market.


 Elev8 Glass is setting standards for quality and craftsmanship by bringing the Elev8 Glass line to the Elev8 Premier glass team to get Elev8ed!  Nearly all the Elev8 Glass can be customized with American made marbles and attachments to enhance the beauty of the foreign glass.  If you're on a budget but still want to support quality USA glassblowers, this is the perfect solution you have been looking for.  

  custom rig with Elev8 Premier marbles


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    Elev8 Designed Hat Pins

    Elev8 Glass

    Elev8 Designed Hat Pins

    The one and only Elev8 Designed Hat  Pin is here!  This is the top of the line hat pin and no expense was spared.   Crafted with tough iron, the most regal nickle, and finished with a smooth, flawless enamel, it will look as polis…

    Was: $15.00
    Now: $12.00

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