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Elev8 isn't just a brand, Elev8 is a lifestyle! The Elev8 motto is "Mind, Body, Spirit", and this mantra guides all of the decisions that we make as a company. Our products are designed to enhance the mind, nourish the body, and replenish the spirit.

With this goal in mind, Elev8 has fostered a community of like-minded thinkers and doers who all help to 'Elev8' our organization, our communities, and every individual who makes up our Elev8 Family. That's what the Elev8 lifestyle is all about! 

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Over the years, Elev8 has branched out into a variety of purpose-built programs and events that go beyond the products that we sell. We started the Elev8 Ambassador program to spread the word about the Elev8 lifestyle to the masses, and we started Elev8 University to help educate newcomers to our industry. Elev8 Veterans was formed to provide much needed help and services to our community of military veterans who are struggling to return to civilian life. We host events and parties throughout the year to give back to our fans and the greater community at large. Everything that we do is inspired by that core mantra that lies at the center of our organization: "Mind, Body, Spirit"; that's the Elev8 lifestyle, and when you take the mantra to heart you will begin to live your best Elev8 Life. 

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    Elev8 At Home

    Elev8 At Home Experience

    Once you get your ticket you must registrar to book a time and seat.  Space is limited.  Once you have purchased your ticket you will need to sign up with this form. Experience an Elev8 At Home event and gain some knowledge while also meeti…

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