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Glass Blowing Classes In Colorado Springs

Looking to learn a little about glass blowing and not sure where to start?

Well this introductory beginners glassblowing class will get you started.  Our Elev8 Premier glassblowing instructors will guide you down the path of glass blowing safely and fun.  

The Liquid Arts Glass Blowing Classes are second to none in Colorado Springs, if not the world!  AirBNB has us as a 5 star rating with guests saying our class is cooler than Pikes Peak.  AHHHH, well sounds great, but nothing beat Americas Mountain! 

When you come to Elev8 Premier, you will be welcomed by a roomy and clean glass studio.  All glass blowing supplies for a beginner are supplied with the class.

This is a BYOB and you can figure out what that means.

Note that when you experience the adventure of glass blowing you may run the risk of injury.   Cuts and burns are a common injury of glass blowing and can be expected.  The minimize injury we stress you MUST PAY ATTENTION at all times.

Learn more about the blowers are Elev8 Premier

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