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Hand Pipe aka (Spoon Pipe)

Hand pipes or spoon pipes can be made of all kinds of materials such as our favorite glass, ceramic, wood, metal, silicone, rock or nearly anything out there.  Some materials are better than others, like sorry, but who would use a plastic pipe. Just not a good ideas. The hand pipe has been around since about 500 B.C.  A hand pipe is the perfect smoking apparatus to fit nicely in your pocket. Hand pipes deliver what is called a dry hit. This is because it comes right off of the burning plant, through the pipe and into your lungs.  Many people will use a bubbler or water pipe to cool and filter the smoke or vapor, but a hand pipe still is perfect for on the go. Hand pipes can also come in an array of shapes such as a chillums, spoons, sherlocks and  steamrollers to name a few.

We feel a glass pipe is the way to go if you have a choice.  We feel that a glass hand pipe made from borosilicate glass will deliver a smooth nice hit with the most flavor.  Do not ever go with a soft glass hand pipe. While you are good to go with a soft glass waterpipe and a borosilicate bowl, you need your hand pipe to be full borosilicate.  The borosilicate can withstand thermal shock much better than soft glass as you use a lighter to combust the herbs.

Using a hand pipe is basic.  You just put your herb, preferably ground up into the bowl part.  It's up to the user if they want the bowl pressed or not. Some like a little and some like a fatty bowl.  Light the bowl while keeping the carb held closed with one finger. Then about ½ way in your inhale you will let go of the carburetor, allowing air to flow into the pipe.  This allows the bowl to stop burning while you extract the rest of the smoke from the pipe.

We do suggest a great little add on called he flavor savor for you glass hand pipe.  Its really nice as it goes over the bowl part of the hand pipe and holds in the unburnt herbs in the hand pipe.


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