A SCIENTIFIC dab rig is a small water pipe that is easily held in your hand and is usually always designed with a glass joint on it to accept a banger, e-nail, nail or some kind of adapter to smoke or vaporize concentrates. SCIENTIFIC dab rigs are basically an essential item to any one that wants to enjoy the dabbing experience and a SCIENTIFIC price. 

The SCIENTIFIC Dab Rig is usually much more expensive than an affordable dab rig.  The SCIENTIFIC Dab Rig has a lot of skill put into it as well as much more time and effort compared to a standard affordable dab rig.

SCIENTIFIC dab rigs and SCIENTIFIC oil rigs are designed to cool down the highly concentrated dab by running the hit through water. Dabbing is a form of vaporizing and therefore one of the best ways to enjoy concentrates.


Obviously we love glass, its in our name! We really like a glass dab rig as it provides a clean inhale, can be easily cleaned and when an artists gets his/her hands on it, they can do some amazing things! Most all of our glass dab rigs are made of borosilicate glass. The water in the glass oil dab rig will cool the vapor down so that you can enjoy an even better dab experience as the hit will be cooled and moistened.


An SCIENTIFIC dab rig is only part one of the equation. You will also need a way to actually vaporize the concentrate. For this there are many, many ways to accomplish this. Many people doing dabs today prefer to use what is called a quartz banger. This is a great SCIENTIFIC alternative to a vaporizer like the Silver Surfer, but requires a torch that can make one feel like they are doing hard drugs. When using a banger or nail the user will generally heat the banger or nail up red hot and then wait for it too cool to the proper dab temperature. We feel this is about 440 degrees and with a vaporizer can deliver a dab hit at the proper temperature. When you dab too hot you will also vaporizer the fats and lipids making the dab hit much harder on your lungs.

Once you have your SCIENTIFIC glass dab rig connected to your banger, nail or vaporizer simply inhale as you put your dab on the accessory.  Remember to always enjoy the skill and art that a blower put into the SCIENTIFIC dab rig.


After you have your rig, you will need an attachment nail to actually produce vapor from your concentrates. Spending a little more money does get you more for your money in longer lasting items and easier to use items.

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