Elev8 at 8 with Bandhu Dunham

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 3/10/2021

Elev8 at 8 with Bandhu Dunham

Bandhu Dunham the author of Contemporary Lampworking 1 & 2 sits down with us and talks about his adventures in the glass world. He started blowing glass in 1975 at around 15 years old. Bandhu's origional goal was to be a mad scientist and get into chemestry so he found glassblowing while trying to create apparatus's like he'd seen in Frankenstie. There wasn't a lot of information about lampworking at this time so he read a lot books and had to make all the nessesary equiptment himself. 

Bandhu tells us about what he calls the glass curtain. Essentially before the 1980s it was nearly impossible to get any information on lampworking. You had to be born or married into a family of glassblowers and nobody was willing to share information. Although Bandhu made a couple pipes out of soft glass he mostly made little animals to sell to gift shops. 

Currently he's interested in the kenetic qualities of glass and showing the relationship between biology and geomerty in his work. To check it out go see his Instagram.

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