We consider tubes to be anything that is really say a traditional bong shape, much like a tube.  Now over the years tubes have evolved to have all kinds of percolators in them as well as many now have ground glass joints.  These come in mostly only the three styles below.

Traditional Straight Tubes - Beaker Bottoms  - Bubble Bottoms

The three styles of water pipes and bongs offer the user a great smoking experience while having the traditional look.  One thing to take into consideration is the size. If you have good lungs and like big hits, the bigger the better. If you are a beginner or lack the lung capacity a smaller bong will do you better.  All three designs can be made in both sliders and ground glass. Straight tubes off a smaller reservoir for the water making a less drag hit. Bubble bottoms and beaker bottom water pipes and bongs have a much larger reservoir to hold the water.   We feel the beaker bottom is the best design as it has a large reservoir and also has a large base making it less prone to get tipped over. If you are looking to get a glass water pipe or bong for concentrates and dabs you should look more for a unit that has a ground glass joint connection.  The best overall to get is a 14mm female downstem to accept a 14mm male bowl, banger nail or vaporizer adapter.


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