Cremation Glass Art Memorials

Cremation Glass Art Memorials

Memorial art glass with cremated ashes is our jam.  We love making cremation marbles, cremation drinking glasses, cremation pipes, cremation jewelry and really, any creamtion glass, we just love!  We can make cremation glass art with any cremated ashes such as human and pets.


Cremation Glass Art Questions and Answers

Cremation Glass Art is a unique expression of your loved one captured in the beauty of glass.  A small amount of cremation ashes are fused and melted into glass.  Forever your loved one will be with you in this art glass creation.

1. What is your budget? 
2. Buy the cremation art glass you like, if you have something in mind that you do not see on our site, call us up.  We will work with you to see if we can help make your dream a reality.
3. Fill out this form and send in the ashes
4. In 2-3 weeks your cremation art glass will be on the way to you, along with all remaining cremations.

Pretty much yes.

Elev8 Premier makes our cremation glass.  Many artists in the studio LOVE being a part of this process.  Only the blower with the top skills in the artform will take on the project, ensuring you get the best cremation art glass there is!

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