Dabbing Pipes

Dab Pipes

What is a dab pipe?

A dab pipe is a pipe made for concentrates.  These are easy to use devices that only require a lighter to heat the dab up so that it can be consumed. 

Pipes like the flavordisc pipes feature a ceramic insert that absorbs the oil and allows the lighter to gently heat the concentrate to the point that the oil vaporizes.   Dab pipes are great for people on the go that want to stick to the traditional pipe, yet want to consume the oil without adding the oil to the flower.

Many people looking for dab pipes may actually be looking for a dab rig.  If this is the case we have some great dab rigs such as:

Affordable Dab Rigs-

Heady Dab Rigs-

Repeatable Dab Rigs-

Scientific Dab Rigs-

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