One-Hitters, Chillums & Bats


What are these chillums, batts and one hitters?  Well they are basically the smallest of smoking pipes.  These are for people that do not smoke a lot or they like small bowls.  People like small bowls sometimes because they finish the entire bowl in one hit.  Oh ya, the term one hitter. They feel this gives them more flavor and they never have that left over bowl issue.  All bats, chillums and one hitters do not have a carb or carburetor. This means there is less control over how the user inhales the smoke.

One Hitter or Taster

This is usually a small piece of glass or metal with the smallest of bowls.  Many times not much larger than a cigarette. A lot of the times the one hitters come in a storage unit called a dugout.  One hitters are very portable and when partnered with a dug out keep the smell down and also have a pick and storage compartment built into them.


A bat is much just like a one hitter in that it is very small and can also work in a dugout.  Not much to say here.


Now you ask what is a chillum?  This is where it all kinda started many many years ago.  They were first used in India by Hindu monks and holy men.  The people of Inida have been using chillums for thousands of years, even before tobacco was introduced.  Being that the holy men of India where using the chillum they have become associate with spirituality and meditation in much of Asia and Eastern Europe.  Only recently has the chillum become popular in the western civilization.

To use any one of these chillums, bats or one hitters it is best to hold it upward at a 45 degree angle so as the herb does not fall out.  You will fill you bowl end with some of your herbs and use a flame to catch the herbs on fire and inhale.

Some special chillums are made with the mouthpiece hole just on the side of the pipe.  This designed to be held in your closed first. Then you inhale through your fingers so as not to put your lips on the pipe.  People feel this was invented during the 60’s at a dead show.

Things to look for when choosing a hand crafted glass chillium

Chillum Size and Design

Very small chillums are for the on the go user and are very portable making them also very discreet.  Usually larger chillums start to become more expensive and can become what is called a heady chillum. These are great for show stoppers and talking pieces.  

Glass Thickness of a Pipe and Chillum

Glass is one of the greatest materials for smoking pipes as it is completely inert and does not affect the taste of the smoke.  It also makes for a much easier cleaning process. The thicker the glass the more durable it is on average. But glass is glass and if you drop it on concret it will break.  If not the first time, eventually it will break. Thicker glass also is very nice in a pipe or chillum when an artist does inside out work as the colors will pop inside the glass.  We like thick glass. Oh and did you know what glass likes to be ¼ inch thick in its molten state. Just a dumb fact.

Bowl End of the pipe or chillum

Yep, this is where you put your good herbs in to be smoked.  This is really all up to you. One thing to note is that a bigger bowl can always be loaded with less, while a small bowl is always small.  Another big thing to always take into consideration is the size of the bowl hole. We thing about a 4mm hole is perfect. Some people like is smaller and some larger.  Small holes get clogged more easily, while larger holes tend to let debris or scooby snacks through. A screen can help solve this issue, while we like just the perfect size hole.  


The shape and size of the mouthpiece is a very important part of the pipe.   This is where you put your lips, so it needs to be what you want to put your lips on.  A hole not too small is best as a small hole can get clogged easily.

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