Glass bubblers also known as a bubbler pipe has been around for a long time.  These pipes produce a smoother and cooler hit than a dry pipe will produce as the smoke or vapor is filtered and cooled with water.  A glass bubbler is an upgrade for any smoker that is wanting an enhanced smoking experience. The name bubbler comes from when the smoke comes through the water pipe and bubbles.

A bubbler is much like a water pipe, but smaller and more able to fit in your hand. While there is not a perfect term we consider a bubbler a pipe without a joint.  In today’s world we would put a bubbler with a joint in the dab rig category. Again, both are in a since a bubbler, but we are a bit old school so for us here at the Elev8 Glass Gallery bubblers are pipes that have a bowl and run through water.  

Most all our bubblers are hand made and produced from borosilicate glass.  The glass allows for easier cleaning and a cleaner smoother hit. The borosilicate glass is perfect for the glass bubbler as it can with resist thermal shock from the burning bowl.  

A heady glass bubbler is the ultimate bubbler for the herb connoisseur.  The art that artists are making these days are beyond the dreams of of blowers that were blowing only 15 years ago.  The industry is rapidly changing, but a beautiful glass bubbler will always stand the test of time for that time in need of smoking a bowl.

Best way to clean a bubbler

Glass bubblers should be cleaned on a more regular basis.  We feel all glass pipes should be cleaned at least weekly, a bubbler should be cleaned about in about the same time frame.   One thing to note is changing out the water daily or even after a few sessions helps keep that amazing glass bubbler cleaner longer.  This allows much more flavorful hits than a dirty bubbler.

An easy way to clean a bubbler is with a cleaner and some salt.  Put the bubbler in zip lock bag and fill with a cleaner or alcohol 91 if you have it. Then let it soak for some time. If you want to help the process it is possible to microwave the alcohol for 5-10 seconds to get it warm.  Be careful not to inhale the alcohol vapor. Carefully shake and move the cleaner and salr around the pipe to remove the resin buildup.

Once your glass bubbler is clean you will take it out of the bag and rinse it with warm water.  Let the water dry and your glass bubbler is ready to be back in action. Keeping your glass bubbler clean will allow you to always enjoy the best smoking experience available.

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