Introducing the world's most feature-packed desktop dry herb vaporizer. With this dry herb vape unit, you will be able to vape either dry herbs or dab concentrates, or diffuse oils in the same way. The whip is ideal for extracting the best flavor from dry herbs. With the Wave Rider Series (WRS) elev8ing the art of vaporizing, the SSV has everything you need for any connoisseur.
The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer
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The Super Surfer = Forced Air + LED Mood Lights
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The Ultimate Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer
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Dry Herb Vaporizer for Connoisseurs - The Perfect Choice

In 2004, the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer was launched in Colorado Springs. It quickly became one of the most popular dry herb vaporizers on the market today.
As time passed, the SSV became the desktop vaporizer of choice for discerning connoisseurs looking for complete flavor extraction from their herbs.

Every unit is built, crafted, and tested in the United States by American workers - not in China, Germany, or some other nameless overseas factory.
Since Elev8 was founded in 2005, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality dry herb vaporizers



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and how the Elev8 line of desktop vaporizers have been a part of the music scene background.


Forging desktop vaporizers since
2004 in Colorado Springs.


Manufacturer of the Best Desktop Vaporizers

The art of vaporizing was born in 2004 with the SSV. Today Elev8 is the world's leading desktop and portable vaporizer company. Built-in Colorado Springs from the beginning to the end. Learn more about our Elev8 Ambassador and Elev8 Elev8 Veteran programs.

Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer

When you demand the best of the best with all the bells and whistles, the Super Surfer desktop vaporizer is the choice of ultimate vapor connoisseurs.

  • Built in Colorado Springs, Colorado by people like you
  • Forced Air technology to fill a bag or help assist with the whip
  • LED mood lights 
  • Pure glass on glass connections
  • Fully customizable with the Wave Rider Series (WRS) using our inhouse artists, or even make yours extra special with your own art that is sublimated into the powder coating and is much like a tattoo.

Enjoying the whip for ultimate flavor or filling a bag, the Super Surfer is the best desktop vaporizer on earth to fulfill these functions.  With the custom glass temperature knob, no two are ever alike, just like you.  



The art of vaporizing started in 2004 when the SSV desktop vaporizer came to be. The Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer has been able to stand the test of time, while still evolving with the times.

  • Custom made glass knob adorns each Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer.
  • Made of thick aluminum for the housing and base, we say it's pretty much built proof.
  • The angle of the dangle to keep your herbs in place using the whip for ultimate flavor.
  • Made for glass by glassblowers.  

The owner is not just a business person, Steve is to this day a part of building the vaporizers.   Maybe not every day building, but he is on the torch, working on the web or working to make the Surfer better.  The SSV desktop vaporizer was the first to use a ceramic heating element, the first to add a dab dish and the first to offer an aroma top, and the first to offer a fully customizable housing with the Wave Rider Series.  


Only Elev8 gives you the art of vaporizing elev8ed with our WRS sublimated powder coat desktop vaporizer.





The art of vaporizing can be at your fingertips even if you are on a budget. The DBV desktop vaporizer features the high quality parts that the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer uses, but in a way to reduce the cost. and not the function or durability.

They are so affordable that you can get a couple.

  • American built quality
  • Everything you need to begine the art of vaporizing
  • Favored among the dabbing crew for the dab dish e nail set up.

Da buddha dry herb vaporizers are so durable and affordable many of our customers have 2 or even 3 in their homes for convenience.  A desktop vaporizer that just WORKS affordably!


When you love the art of vaporizing, but you need to move. The Sidekick portable vaporizer has your back with features and features, built by people like you.

  • Ergonomically designed for left or right hand users.
  • Stir tool built in to keep your herbs vaping evenly.
  • 16 inch air path with the American glass mouthpiece extended.
  • Removeable and rechargeable 18650 battery
  • Storage bag for keeping it all together

No other portable dry herb vaporizer is more inclusive, user freiendly and easy to clean than our Sidekick.  Every super hero needs one!



Designed and built by Elev8 for the concentrate connoisseur on the go. If you like dabs, and are already a fan of the dab dish for the Silver Surfer or Da Buddha desktop vaporizers, this is the on the go vape pen for you.

  • Built in dab tool
  • No leak heater design
  • Works with any 510 thread battery
  • Do not settle for cartridge pens that use other stuff in the juice besides the essence of the plant.


More than a desktop vaporizer

With the aroma top you have a wax melt device for making your home smell great. Use some essential oils for aromatherapy to enhance your lifestyle more.

  • Glass top affords you the option of using wax melts
  • Keep your home smelling great with your favorite scent
  • Dish design allows you to vape and diffuses all at once
  • Leave on your Silver 24/7
  • Elev8 your SSV,  Super or DBV with an aroma top, or go all out for your Silver or Super desktop vaporizer with a custom aroma top

The Ruby Ceramic Heater

The heart of all Elev8 desktop vaporizers is the ceramic heater. Made of the same chemical composition as a ruby!



Elev8 Desktop Vaporizers are built for glass.

  • Connects to nearly any rig, with fully upgradable everything!
  • Show with custom wand, carb cap, aroma top dish and rig.
  • Customization is endless with the Wave Rider Series or Design Your Own. 
Custom Wands
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Custom Knobs
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Duff Jars
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Custom Mouthpieces
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Custom Aroma Tops
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Learn All The glass Types We Have Made For The Silver Surfer

Elev8 Desktop & Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for connoisseurs.

We love what we do!  We love the art of vaping and we love glass.  If you are like us, take a look at our Elev8 Ambassador program and our Elev8 Veteran program

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