Character Rigs

Character Dab Rigs and Mini Tubes

Character dab rigs are some of the most heady pieces of glass there are.  Each artist has their own unique vision that they are able to bring out in these character dab rigs. 

To really appreciate some of the rigs you must know about glass and our terms blog is good for that.  When you look at some of the eyes on these character dab rigs you have to wonder how long it took just to make the milli eyeball?  Some of the skill it takes to make these things can take a glassblower over a decade to really hone in their skill and be able to bring the glass to life like the amazing way Matt Robertson brings his moose to life.  Dabbing with a character rig adds a lot of enjoyment to your session rather it is a smoke, vape or dab session you like.  Most all rigs work with either of these consumption methods with vaping being our most favorite for delivering flavorful, smooth hits.

If you are looking for something special and can not find it, please let us know!  We have great relationships with many top artists as well as the Elev8 Premier glass crew can do some amazing work.

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