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Glass water pipes offer a traditional method for smoking herbs. Similar to the design of a hookah but more compact and portable for mostly one person at a time to use. These types of water filters feature an air-tight water vessel with a bowl or adapter for loading herb or hooking up to a vaporizer. Most have a downstem in them as the first water diffuser. Each inhale bubbles up through the the water, purified and cooled. While glass water pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the essential function of delivering smoother, cooler, and cleaner hits is the same across the board. The main point of a water filter pipe is to purify, moisturize, and cool the smoke or vapor before it reaches your lungs, making for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

For those who prefer concentrates, dab rigs are really the only way to fully enjoy the experience. With bangers operating at higher temperatures than vaporizers users will feel the burn of the dab, being greatly reduced when used in a dab rig.

How Glass Water Pipes Function

Glass water filter pipes usually feature a simple bowl, downstem, bottom water chamber and a top chamber that delivers the smoke or vapor to your mouth. Water filters can be made from soft glass or borosilicate glass with all of them featuring a borosilicate bowl to handle the heat. Being made from high grade borosilicate glass makes them easier to clean as well as being able to handle any thermal shock they may encounter. Operating this type of water filter is very simple, making it the perfect upgrade to any connoisseur of herbs.There’s a reason water pipes have been popular for over 2000 years. Water filter pipes offer large smoother inhales with a cooler smoke or vapor by reducing harshness of the smoke or vapor and enhancing the experience. Rather than pure smoke, these water filters reduce the gnarly particles so each inhale is easier and more enjoyable.

How to use a Water Pipe

To use your new water pipe, simply fill the bottom chamber with water, place herb in the bowl, and light it while inhaling through the top of the water filter pipe. When you inhale from a glass water filter, smoke is pulled from the bowl and down through the stem. Then it bubbles through the water that is there to cool and filter the smoke or vapor in the bottom chamber. Then you inhale through the top mouthpiece chamber. When a good amount of smoke or vapor has built up,you then remove the bowl from the downstem and inhale.

Cleaning your Water Pipe

Glass water filter pipes are overall pretty easy to clean. As they are made of glass, the surface is of course very smooth and can be wiped down easily. As a connoisseur you will be familiar with good maintenance practices and how they really enhance the flavor and experience, so therefor we recommend to do basic cleaning often. We recommend to empty out the water and replace it daily. At this time it is also nice to give your piece a nice whip down to keep the glass looking nice and sparkling on the outside as well. Maybe weekly we recommend to pull out the stem and whip it down with isopropyl alcohol or another type of cleaner like formula 420. To clean the bowl, you can insert a pipe cleaner into it, pushing down into the stem and brushing it clean.

If your glass water pipe is getting bad you'll need to do a deep cleaning. A simple way is you can fill it with isopropyl alcohol or another kind of cleaner and add some salt or another kind of pumice. Next plug all the openings, then shake the water pipe. Afterward, simply pour out the cleaner and rinse inside of the chamber with water. To clean the downstem and bowl more easily, we recommend putting them in a plastic bag and put only one piece of glass in there along with enough cleaner or alcohol to cover the glass. Then shake and move the piece of glass around a little. Putting the bag in a bowl of warm water or microwaving the alcohol for 5 seconds allows the resin and oils to break down more easily.

Glass Water Pipe Types

Today there are a plethora of water pipes available, mostly designed for your preference and budget.. They can range from simple things called mini tubes that are very affordable when made in clear glass. You can also find water pipes in the 10s of thousands of dollars. Depending where it is made, who made it, what colors where used, what techniques were used and how hard of skill it took to complete the glass all goes into consideration when purchasing and understanding the costs of water filter pipes.

  • Percolating Water Pipes

    Percolator water filter pipes filter smoke or vapor through numerous small holes beneath the water, producing thousands of tiny bubbles. Creating more bubbles creates more surface area that the smoke or vapor will touch. This ensures that smoke or vapor comes into even more contact with water, cooling it faster and purifying it more thoroughly. This type of glass piece comes in a variety of styles, each offering a different level of drag, smoothness and purity.

    Reality is the more percolation there is the smoother the inhale can be, Elev8ing the experience of enjoying your herbs even more. For a full list of percolators out there in the world visit the knowledge base by the glassblowers over at Elev8 Premier Glass Studio.

  • Beaker Style Water Pipes

    Beaker-style water pipes feature bigger bottom compartments with more water, making for smoother inhales and also provides a larger base making a less chance to knock it over. Because the smoke must pass through more water than it would in a unit with a smaller bottom chamber, the draw resistance of beaker style water pipes tend to be a bit higher. Some people really like this, so this is all about what you like. The smoke or vapor production of these pieces is dense, comfortable, and clean.

  • Straight Tube Style Water Pipes

    Straight-tube water pipe styles often have less area for water making them have less resistance over styles that have a larger water reservoir. When paired with a heave nice base they are very sturdy. Like all water pipes they can come in many designs and feature many different styles and amounts of percolators. We feel for the average person a 12”-18” straight tube is more than adequate.

  • Bubble Bottom Style Water Pipes

    The bubble bottom style water filter features a bottom that resembles a bubble or fish bowl. They look really good and are the easiest styles to make of the 3 designs. The offer a very large chamber in the bottom that holds a lot of water making them a good candidate for the budget minded consumer that also wants a quality piece with good function.

  • Rigs

    This is a fairly new term in the industry as of about 4-5 years ago when the use of concentrates really started to take off. They are smaller and do the same function as a water pipe. They are water pipes plain and simple, but a rig refers to basically a smaller more intricate piece of glass. Some of the most popular styles are the recycler rig, klein recycler rig, mini tube rig and are also referred to sometimes as banger hangers.

Choosing the right Water Pipe

With a ton of options available, it’s important to know what sets each water filter apart from one another, and what that means for your smoking experience. Take into consideration these few questions below.

  • Is The Piece The Right Size?

    Water pies, hand pipes, and other glass smoking pieces come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. If you want to travel with your rig or water pipe, you’ll want a more compact unit along the lines of a minitube or compact recycler. If you are staying at home really it comes down to what do you want and enjoy. Each piece offers a different experience so if you are like us you have 3-5 different styles for different occasions.

  • Is It Within Your Budget?

    The glass pipe world is as of course just like the real world y'all. You pretty much get what you pay for. That extra cost translates into where it was made, designs and complexities, and how artistic the piece is. Here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we know all about budgets as we also live on one ourselves. Whether you have a large or small budget we can help guide you to the best piece. You can call in any time to ask questions, or if you have an Elev8 GLass Gallery in your town, come on in and absorb some knowledge. The Elev8 line of glass is our more affordable line of glass as it is either fully foreign made or a combination of local and foreign work combined. If Made In America holds very strong value we also have our line of glass Elev8 Premier that is made right here in Colorado Springs and you are always welcome to stop by and say high. That said, there are several affordable pieces that still deliver excellent inhales at affordable prices be it USA or foreign.

  • Does It Deliver The Inhales You Crave

    Water filter pipes differ in the smoke and vapor profiles they help enhance. Knowing what type of rip you prefer, and which water pipes deliver them, is key. Percolator pipes have smooth, comfortable hits, but more draw resistance. Straight tubes and rigs provide good diffusion with less resistance with rigs being on the small side. Some pieces are designed for dry herb, while others are made for concentrate consumption. Most all can be used for either depending on the type of bowl/connection you have for it. Knowing what you want is more important and with the knowledge that Elev8 Premier offers we recommend doing some research there. Our product pages contain in-depth breakdowns of each piece to help you make the right choice.

Are you a Beginner?

If you’re new buying a water filter pipe, or you’re new to smoking or vaping, you might want to invest in a unit that’s easier to use. You also want to make sure the pipe creates smoother hits if you’re a novice at smoking. This will ensure less coughing. If you’re experimenting with smoking, it’s always a good idea to try an affordable unit first to make sure you like it. As always feel free to give us a call or stop in to get some information from our knowledge staff living the alternative lifestyle.

Other Glass Pipe Tips

  • To ensure even combustion of the bowl, it is recommended to stir the herb around between hits so every inch of surface area is touched by the flame of your lighter. You can accomplish this using a pick.

  • Maintenance is a good idea to keep the flavors at the most elev8ed level.

  • Water filter joints are generally available in three different joint sizes: 10, 14, and 19 (18.8) millimeters. Take note of your water pipe size and if you need a male or female joint part.

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