If you want the ultimate way to enjoy your favorite concentrates/dabs, consider using an enail like many people have.

Enails were created for the use of Cannabis concentrates.  An Enail will heat the oils in your dabs to produce a smooth and flavorful vapor you can inhale when done at the right temperature. Combustion or smoking destroys your herbs and releases harmful tar and carcinogens.  Cannabis concentrate vaporizing preserves the "FLAVOR".  Vaping also has a much higher bioavailability than combustion, so you will find yourself using less.

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What are Enails, and how do they vaporize cannabis?

When using an Enail you want to keep the temperature under 450°F.  A Enail works by heating your concentrates or dabs to the point that the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes are boiled off into a vapor you can inhale.  This is also decarboxylating the THCa into THC.   The vapor produced has a great flavor and why many people lover dabbing. 

Who is an dry enail for?

A Enail is a device that can be used by anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of cannabis concentrates without the downfalls of a traditional banger. Some of the reasons why someone might prefer an enail over other methods of consumption are:

The need to remove the more harmful effects such as tars and carcinogens

To really taste the amazing flavor in cannabis.

Compared to edibles you can control your intake and effects of cannabis concentrates.  Inhalation is much faster and controllable than edibles.

SAVE MONEY!  Yes, with the elimination of combustion that destroys so much, and the higher bioavailability you will save on your consumption!

Different Types of Enails

Desktop Enails

A desktop enail is built for connoisseurs who enjoy vaporizing cannabis concentrates at home.  The Enail like the Silver Surfer is larger than a portable one, and it has a power cord that must be plugged into an outlet.  This allows for the ultimate in vaporizing as you can find the perfect temperature, set it and be ready whenever you want.  These desktop enails basically come in 2 forms.  There is the standard enail that has a PID, or the much safer and cleaner method utilized by Elev8 in their desktop vaporizer utilized with the EOK dab dish.

While a desktop Enail is meant for at home, they are the perfect companion for your heady glass or any glass for that matter.  A Enail will keep your rig, waterpipe, bong, or whatever you call it, MUCH CLEANER! 

Portable Enails

A portable enail is what the typical shop or consumer will reach for.  The portable enail can work at home, and on the go.  But, no portable works like a desktop as they have smaller dab dishes. A good portable enail like the G-9 or Puffco is comfortable in your hand and can easily take on trips.  

Enails are great for anyone who LOVES cannabis concentrates but hates combustion, and hates them torches!

What are the Pros and Cons of an enail?
Pros Cons
✅ Full extraction of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

❌ Small learning curve to understand them (but not more than learning to tie your shoes)

✅ Superior flavor compared to combustion, and you can eat the leftovers!

❌ They are also hot and can burn, this is why the Elev8 Line of vaporizers with the dab dish is the right choice.

✅ Safer than using a torch for a banger


✅ Set it and forget it


✅ Cleaning and maintenance is required.  But they also Keep your glass and lungs cleaner!


✅ Initial investment cost can seem high, but consider what you will save butane, burns, and potential glass damage


✅ Less carcinogens compared to smoking



Important features to consider before buying an enail.


  • Price: You must always think about your budget, especially in today's world.  Remember, a good enail will save you money on cannabis concentrate consumption.  Price will also be affected whether it was produced in the USA or another country.  Remember you get what you pay for in life, and you are the judge on who you support with your hard-earned money.  Elev8 offers a line of vaporizers that can be fitted with a dab dish to meet any budget iwth the Da Buddha as a great beginner's enail, with the desktop enails all built in Colorado Springs with glass from Elev8 Premier.
  • Size: If you want to use your Enail at home, and really want to experience the dafe dabbing, a desktop enail is the enail for you. If you want to use your vaporizer on the go, or LOVE vaping, you will need a portable enail.
  • Conduction: An Enail uses a hot surface to heat the concentrates.  This is the standard for vaping or dabbing concentrates.
  • Chamber Size: The bigger the bowl, the more cannabis concentrates you can fit in, and or get a more even vapor hit.  The more concentrates and the hotter the enail, the bigger the hit will be.    Desktop Enails tend to have larger chambers than portable enails
  • Vapor quality: An Enail will give you the best vapor quality when it utilizes the best materials in construction, much like all the Elev8 line of Enails using quartz for the dab dish.  What is the heater made of?  A metal heater will impact the flavor, and why Elev8 uses a “ruby ceramic” heater. 
  • Customer Service:  How long has the company been making Enails?  Elev8 has been making the Silver Surfer since 2004 providing white glove customer service treatment.  They can help with any repair, or custom order or guide you in the right direction for what you need, want, and all within your budget.
  • Warranty: Will the company stand behind its enail?  A 3 year is the standard warranty for a desktop and a 1-2 year is the standard for a portable enail.  The bigger question to consider is will the company stand behind the warranty, and will the company be the during and after the warranty.  This is where Elev8 shines, over and over again!

Some of the best enail brands

We carry only the best Enailsand of course, the Elev8 line of connoisseur-created Enails.  We have been in the industry since 2004 and know quality.  We believe the Elev8 line of desktop enails is the best in class and best in the world, built in the USA.  There are brand loyalists and some brands are amazing at  

How to choose the right enail?

With a little research and guidance, you will be able to find the perfect Enail for you.  By making the right purchase the first time, you will save even more money, and have an ultimate experience!  Remember the Elev8 line of vapes are the safest, and if you ever want to also enjoy herbs, they can be transformed easily.

Here are some tips on how to pick the right enail:

Will you be vaping at home or on the go most of the time?  If at home, a desktop Enail like the Silver Surfer is the way to go.  The G9 portable Enail is great for on-the-go.

Is the Enails heat adjustable?  Some will say a digital will give you the perfect hit.  What you must take into consideration, is your prefrence.   With an analog system like the SSV, you get a cool hand made knob with precise heat control.  Digital smidgital, it’s just a number and you know what you like.

What is your budget for your new enail?  What can you afford and remember you get what you pay for.  

Best enails

There is an Enail for everyone who wants flavor and a better way to consume than combustion.  Take a look at the enails on the market and think about safety, where it is built and what features it comes with.

Enail Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping your Enail in good condition will allow you to enjoy the best flavor and have the best vapor experience.  Clean the dab dish after EVERY use.  

Maintenance on your Enail should be EASY, and all of the Elev8 line of vaporizers consider this.  

How do we pick our Enails?

Here at Elev8, we not only LOVE vaporizing herbs, but we make the world's best Enails.   We only offer you the best of the best Enails.

We have also tested all of these Enails before we give our opinion, so you get true feedback from a reputable source.

We stand behind the enails we sell with our amazing customer service to help with your initial purchase of an enail, or when you need parts.

You can shop with confidence at Elev8 Glass Gallery and find your perfect Enail today with help from us tomorrow if you need it.


We are an authorized retailer for all the Enails we sell, and all our Enails come with a warranty backed by the manufacturer.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our customer service via email or phone.  We are here for your Enail questions, warranties and repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an enail safe to use?

Our Enails are considered to be safer than smoking producing less tars and carcinogens along with many other things you do not want from combustion.  An enail like the line of Elev8 vaporizers with dab dish are the safest desktop enail on the market.

Can you vape Kief or Hash in an enail?

No, they work best with oils.  Consider using a dry herb desktop vaporizer for this. 

Do Enails smell?

Yes, vaporizing cannabis concentrates will smell a lot like fresh herbs.  It is a lot lighter in smell than smoking cannabis and is less noticeable.

How to tell when your concentrates are done in an enail?

You will get less and less vapor.  Eventually the oils may become dark, but they are done.

Do Enails work as well as smoking?

Enails are actually more effective than smoking.   It is simple, they have a higher bioavility and eliminate combustion, ultimately allowing for more of the good stuff.  Combustion destroys a lot of the active compounds found in cannabis.



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