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Dab and Dabbing Attachments

Dab attachments for dabbing can range from carb caps, drop downs, bangers and buckets.  There are a lot of other dabbing things that also fall into this dab attachment category.

Dab Adapters- These can include reducers and mouthpieces for dabbing.  Drop downs are one of the most popular dab adapters used for dabbing.

Ash Catchers- These are not so much used for catching ashes when used as a dab attachment, but they do help cool the vapor.  Many ash catchers used with a J hook are great dab rigs.

Bangers, Nails and Domes- These are things that are an essential for dabbing.  

Downstems- These are used for many styles of dab rigs.  The downstem can have many diffusing designs as well as many sizes and shapes.

Carb Caps- The carb is a an essential dab attachment for a banger.  They help get air down on top of the oils to be dabbed and vaporize them better.

Glycerin Coolers- This is a great attachment for dabbing and when they are frozen the really help cool the vapor down making one of the best vaping experience there is.

Mouthpieces- This is not the same as a vape mouthpiece.  A dab mouthpiece is usually just a J hook.


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