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Why choose a Sidekick Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer? This portable dry herb heat extraction is built for the connoisseur on the go.  Easy to use and easy to maintain so you consistently get the hit you want.  The…

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Why choose a Sidekick Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer?

This portable dry herb heat extraction is built for the connoisseur on the go.  Easy to use and easy to maintain so you consistently get the hit you want.  The SideKick has more features than any other portable dry herb vape on the market.



  • Stir Tool Built-In
    • Conveniently stir your bowl without taking off the lid.  
    • Keeps the herb from cooking too much on the outside and not on the inside
  • Super Cool Hits
    • 11 inches of air travel built into the vortex cooler
    • Combined air path of 16 inches making the SideKick the coolest portable hit on the market
  • Digital Control
    • Provides the visual for 21 precise heat settings
    • Battery life and run time
    • LCD may have slight production scratches and will not effect the quality or performance
  • Replaceable Batteries
    • Sidekick V2 Vaporizer uses 1 18650 flat top batteries
    • Get more batteries to keep the Sidekick running for hours
    • Batteries eventually will always fail, so the weak point is removed 
    • Comes with a charger able to charge 2 batteries at one time, as well as a USB port so you can charge your phone at the same time
  • Large Ceramic Heater
    • Long life with the heating element protected from oxygen degradation
    • Holds approx. 1/4 gram
  • Glass Mouthpiece
    • American hand-blown glass mouthpiece made by our in-house Elev8 Premier glassblowers
    • Lovely feel when putting to your lips over a plastic mouthpiece
  • Ergonomically designed
    • Fits perfectly in both your right or left hand
    • Designed to stir the bowl with your thumb or finger
  • Super Easy To Clean
    • Easily disassemble the unit for easy cleaning
    • Stainless steel air path tubes are removable for cleaning
  • Value!
    • The unit, battery, cleaning kit, storage bag and the ability to work with dry herbs and dabs when a small amount it mixed with dry herbs.  We do not believe a portable unit should do both after years of testing.  If you want to do concentrates only, check out our wax maxer

NOTE: The SideKick's user interface is made with clicking metal buttons that you use to power the unit on and change the temperature,
and the metal buttons make direct contact with the SideKick's aluminum housing.
Since the buttons have a small amount of travel distance before they make contact with the circuit board and 'click',
the metal buttons will quietly 'rattle' against the aluminum housing if you wiggle the vaporizer in your hand.
This is both normal and intentional.



 What's in the bag?

  • Sidekick V2 Portable Vaporizer with Stir Mechanism and Vortex Cooler
  • Hand-made Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 Rechargeable 18650 Batteries (with an external charger, storage caps, and date stickers)
  • 1 Cleaning Brush with Alcohol Cleaning Pads
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • Small Bowl Tongs/Scoop
  • Sample Size Mouthpiece Coconut Oil Lubricant








 Battery Safety

  1. Do not keep your batteries in a pocket or bag with loose change or keys
  2. Replace damaged batteries or batteries with torn wrappers
  3. Do keep your batteries in approved battery cases such as the battery caps when not in use
  4. Do not leave your batteries in your car
  5. Keep your battery charger where you can see it; Treat it like an open flame.
  6. Store your batteries between 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 26 degrees Celsius);­
  7. Batteries will need to be replaced every 3-12 months depending on use

The batteries work most efficiently in the heat ranges between temperature setting 6 and setting 9. Temperature settings above 9 will place a higher drain on the battery, and the unit may take longer to reach temperature settings above 10. 


We will be offering a 30-day warranty with each Sidekick V2, extendable with a registration. With registration, the vaporizer itself is covered for 1 year, and the heater is covered for 5 years. We will gladly accept any new, unused items for return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Shipping is not refundable. We cannot offer returns for used items.

Outside Reviews & Testimonials

"So far after a few months, I can’t say that I have any complaints. I am able to to get nice, full hits and get the expected flavor enhancements that I get from other top-tier handheld vaporizers. It may not replace my everyday habit of using a bong or rolling up however it has worked reliably and consistently. If anything I would say the more I use it, the more I am able to use it efficiently and effectively."


23 Reviews

  • New Sidekick V2 Custom

    Posted by Linnea on 9/29/2023

    OMG Elev 8 Glass Gallery does it again!!! A Superior product supported by some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet! I LOVE my new Sidekick 2!!! I was purchasing some new batteries & a new bottom compartment plate for my older Sidekick 1 vaporizer. Customer service called when they noticed an error in my order and by the end of a lovely chat I ended up with a Brand New Sidekick 2. They even went way out of their way to find the custom personalization i previously had and adorned my new Sidekick 2 with it. Gosh I am so incredibly impressed with the new upgrades in the new model. The larger batteries deliver never ending power compared to the V1 and the automatically locking end plate makes changing the battery easy peasy! In my opinion the V1 was already the best on the market but now Elev 8 hit it out of the park with the excellent upgrades!!! I LOVE this company & their commitment to providing their customers with the best vaping experience & customer service that goes above & beyond !!! Thank You so much Elev 8 for everything!!!

  • Sidekick V2 dry herb vaporizer

    Posted by Luetta Summy on 5/16/2023

    Awesome unit that is easy to use. Just load the ceramic chamber, set heat, and go. I would have given 5 stars but, the unit is a bit bulky and the battery life is awful. I made sure to order that extra battery that is discounted for purchase with the unit. This is my second Sidekick V2 unit. I used my first unit until one of the sylicone gaskets disintegrated. The case that it comes with is nice and heavy duty. I have no problem taking this unit into the mountains for camping. Totally worth every cent. I even opted for an engraving on this one.

  • Keep your friends closer, and your vapes closer!

    Posted by Brent C on 10/6/2022

    Sidekick is a perfect name for this baddie. Helps keep me medicated at work and elevated at home. Super durable and parts are inexpensive.

  • Get one!

    Posted by The Fluff on 9/15/2022

    I hesitated to buy this 'cause I never bought a portable vape before and I was worried to spend so much. WOW I'm glad I bought it! Very solid, works beautifully, as I can attest to right at this moment :). Easy to use with a couple quick tips from the instructions. Ability to scan QR code and just read the directions on my phone was a nice touch. Matching color glass mouthpiece at a discount was good too. This part is optional -- kit comes with everything you need.

  • Sidekick v2

    Posted by Michael James Mason on 5/5/2022

    Great product for a great price from a great store

SideKick Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer V2

SideKick Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer V2

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Want to Know More About the SideKick?

The SideKick Portable Vaporizer is a battery-powered portable dry herb consumption vaporizer which is manufactured by Elev8 and assembled at our production facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado! Since the SideKick runs on batteries it can be taken anywhere, so the SideKick is the perfect companion for any true herbal vapor connoisseur.

The SideKick uses a combination of conduction heating and convection heating to 'boil' or vaporize the desirable alkaloids and terpenes contained in your favorite dry herbs; the user then inhales the resulting vapor by drawing on the glass mouthpiece while the herb is being heated inside the SideKick's ceramic heating chamber. This process of vaporizing dry herbs is completely different from traditional smoking which relies on combusting the dry herb. When dry herbs are combusted the resulting smoke contains many carbons and carcinogens that are extremely unhealthy for the user. Vaporizing the herb instead of smoking it eliminates these risk factors and delivers a clean vapor which only contains the desired alkaloids and terpenes.  

Desktop vaporizers like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer are stationary devices which are powered by a power cable that plugs into a wall outlet. Desktop vaporizers are perfect for using at home because they are a lot more efficient than battery-powered portable vaporizers. Portable vaporizers like the SideKick are limited by their power source, but portables are perfect for vapor enthusiasts who refuse to resort to smoking their herbs just because they are on the go. 

The biggest difference is that the SideKick V1 uses two 18350 batteries while the SideKick V2 uses a single 18650 battery. This allows the SideKick V2 to draw power more efficiently, thus extending how long the SideKick V2 can be run without needing to be recharged. In addition to this change, the battery latch for the SideKick V2 was modified slightly so that it could be snapped shut, while the SideKick V1's battery latch had to be manually closed and latched. 

While we do not offer a direct upgrade from the SideKick V1 to the SideKick V2, we strongly encourage any SideKick V1 owners who want to upgrade to a SideKick V2 to call us at 719-570-9928 as we do have options that will save a significant amount of money. 

Every aspect of the SideKick's design was created with form and function in mind. The SideKick has a unique shape that fits comfortably in your hand, and the lid has a built-in stirring tool which can be used to stir your dry herb without needing to take the lid off, so you can stir while you vape! The SideKick has a deceptively long air pathway which winds back and forth inside the SideKick's housing, and this allows the vapor to cool significantly before it reaches the user's lungs. The air pathway is further extended by the titanium Vortex Cooler inside the SideKick, and the Vortex Cooler can be removed and placed in the freezer before use to get the coolest vapor hits possible! All of these design decisions are intended to deliver the coolest and most flavorful vapor of any portable device on the market today!

We no longer recommend using any sort of concentrate in the SideKick, regardless of whether it is rosin, wax, shatter, live resin, or any other type of concentrate. The SideKick is designed for dry herb vaporization only, and if you use concentrates in your SideKick then you run the risk of causing permanent damage to the electronics inside the unit. Unfortunately when we first released the SideKick we included a metal concentrate dish insert with the vaporizer, but after extensive testing we came to the conclusion that concentrates could significantly shorten the lifespan of the vape. For this reason you may find old information on third-party websites that says that the SideKick can be used with concentrates, but this is outdated info and we no longer include a concentrate dish with the SideKick. For concentrates we recommend using our Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen

This depends on which model you are using. The SideKick V1 uses two 18350 batteries, and with a fully charged set of batteries the SideKick V1 can run three full 7-minute vaping sessions before the batteries need to be recharged. The SideKick V2 uses a single 18650 battery, and with a full charge the SideKick V2 can run seven full 7-minute vaping sessions before needing to be recharged.  

The SideKick comes with a Limited 90 Day Warranty which can be extended to a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty by registering the vaporizer. Click this link to register your new SideKick! In addition to the 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty, the SideKick also carries a Limited 5-year Ceramic Heater Warranty which guarantees that the ceramic heater will be free from manufacturing defects. Click this link to see the full warranty details for the SideKick Portable Vaporizer. 

Yes! We sell a special Angled Water Pipe or Rig Adapter for the SideKick, the cone-shaped end of this angled adapter can be 'butted up' against the female joint on a water pipe, bong, or rig so that when you draw on the water pipe it pulls vapor from the SideKick. You could also use the regular mouthpiece that came with your SideKick along with one of our vinyl tubes and a Water Pipe Adapter; you can slide the vinyl tubing over the ball-shaped end of the SideKick's mouthpiece and then attach the Water Pipe Adapter to the other end of the vinyl tubing. Then you just put the Water Pipe Adapter into the female joint on your rig and turn on the SideKick to start vaping through your water pipe!

The noise that you are hearing is actually the metal buttons making contact with the SideKick's aluminum housing, this is both normal and an intentional part of the SideKick's design. The metal buttons have a small amount of travel distance before they actually engage the contact points on the circuit board, so when the buttons are not actively being pressed they rest loosely inside the aluminum housing and can 'tap' against the aluminum housing if you shake or wiggle the unit in your hand. This ensures that the buttons can only be engaged intentionally, and prevents accidental button presses that might turn on the unit or change its temperature when the user does not want to do so. 

Yes, the charger that comes with the SideKick V1 is identical to the charger that comes with the SideKick V2, and vice versa. Our charger can be used for both the 18350 batteries in the SideKick V1 and the 18650 battery in the SideKick V2. 

Yes, but it is a good idea to double check any third-party batteries before attempting to use them in your SideKick. They must have a minimum rating of 30 amps, and they must be the right size for your unit; the SideKick V1 uses two 18350 batteries while the SideKick V2 uses one 18650 battery. For the SideKick V1 the 18350 batteries must have 'nipple tops', and for the SideKick V2 the 18650 battery must have a 'flat top'. 

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