Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey Glasses

A custom whiskey glass is the ultimate gift for the whiskey connoisseur in your life.  Each custom whiskey glass is handmade in Colorado Springs by a talented glassblower at Elev8 Premier.  The custom whiskey glasses can also be paired with borosilicate whiskey rocks!  They only hold a splash of water, letting the whiskey breathe better.

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Why do our custom whiskey glasses range in price so much? Our custom whiskey glasses are all unique and they are handmade by our glassblowers at the Elev8 Premier studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado! These glasses can have various shapes and sizes, using different colors, and the amount of glass used and labor required is different for every glass. All of these factors impact the retail price of a custom whiskey glass. 


Want to Know More About Custom Whiskey Glasses?

Custom Made Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses are shaped to enhance the experience of drinking and nosing whiskey. The most popular glasses feature a bulbous body shape which allows aromas to collect and be directed through a narrow rim.  Elev8 Premier is able to help craft the perfect shaped whiskey glass. 

Choosing the correct custom made whiskey glass can really help to improve the drinkers enjoyment, and there’s a shape and style of glass for every whiskey fan. These range from the compact Glencairn to the extravagant snifter custom whiskey glass. Our guide should help find the perfect whiskey glass for you. For that matter, they make an excellent gift – why not get one personalized and hand crafted for you or your loved ones? Here are the most common whiskey glasses:

  1. The tulip or copita glass
  2. The Glencairn glass
  3. The whisky tumbler
  4. The highball glass
  5. The snifter glass
  6. The NEAT glass

The Tulip-Shaped Glass (aka the copita-style glass, the dock glass)

Tulip or copita whisky glassThis custom whiskey glass is based on the copita – the traditional Spanish glass used to sample sherry. It’s become the choice of master distillers, blenders and true whiskey connoisseurs around the world. It was once named the ‘dock’ glass on account of its use by merchants who used it to nose wines and spirits at docksides. Its long stem prevents the drinker’s hand (and its polluting smells) from coming too close to the nose, while its bowl shape concentrates aromas through the slightly narrowed rim. The custom whiskey glass can be easily cradled so the spirit can be warmed if desired. Overall, this is a glass suited to the true appreciation of the nuances of single malt whiskey.  When it's crafted with love, it's just better.

The Glencairn +Custom Whisky Glass

The Glencairn whisky glassSimilar in shape to the tulip-shaped glass, the Glencairn is considered a more robust vessel, although it’s equally suited to appreciation. Its short, solid base makes for a stable whiskey glass popular among those who don’t favor stems. The glass is also somewhat thicker and this means it’s more substantial for convivial drinking. Due to its size, the Glencairn is the perfect custom whiskey glass for learning how to swirl whisky too, a practice commonly used to open up the aromas of whiskey for full appreciation. Again, a bowl-shape channels aromas towards a narrowed rim. This one’s the modern, less ‘showy’ relative of the tulip-shaped glass, and one solely dedicated to whiskey.

The Whiskey Tumbler (aka the rocks glass, the old fashioned glass, the lowball)

The Tumbler GlassThe most common of all custom whiskey glasses. Due to its wide rim, the tumbler isn’t ideal for nosing, but it doesn’t need to be – this one’s for filling with ice and a whiskey of your choosing, or for serving up any number of classic cocktails. Its wide and robust base makes it ideal for ‘muddling’ cocktail ingredients, while its plain design lets simple drinks speak for themselves. A timeless whiskey glass, and a must have for any whiskey fan open to the entire spectrum of the spirit’s enjoyment.  These make the perfect gift for mom, get a set of 6.


The Highball

The Highball GlassThe taller brother of the tumbler and the whiskey glass associated with one of the most revered but simple whisky cocktails in the world: the Scotch and soda. It allows for plenty of ice, spirit and mixer, making for a long and relaxing drink. Today the highball is equally popular among fans of other simple whiskey serves such as whiskey and ginger ale or whiskey and lemonade. It’s especially favored in Japan. Shape doesn’t really matter with the highball, but it wouldn’t do to serve a Scotch and soda in a dimpled pint glass.

The Snifter (aka the balloon, the brandy bowl, the cognac glass)

The Snifter GlassA  custom whiskey glass firmly rooted in the gentlemen’s club, this one oozes class – think whiskey and cigars in the smoking room after dinner. Commonly used for brandy, it’s now very much a whiskey glass for the consumption of dark, aged spirits in general. They’re often designed so that, when held partially horizontal, the spirit doesn’t spill out. But all these opulent associations don’t necessarily make for a superior drinking vessel – the snifter’s extravagantly wide body and tight rim can encourage the release of harsh ethanol vapours, overpowering other aromas.

The NEAT Whiskey Glass

The NEAT whisky glassA new kid on the block, and one for the technically minded, the NEAT whiskey glass is the ironic result of a mistake made in a glass blowing factory. Subsequent testing of the peculiarly shaped vessel revealed it was perfectly shaped to direct harsh alcohol vapours away from the nose. The NEAT glass, standing for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology, squeezes the lighter molecules of ethanol out of its opening, leaving behind the heavier, more enticing aromatic molecules within whiskey. This is a glass well suited for appreciation, but also for people new to the spirits category in general for its ability to negate harsh aromas. Drinking from this custom whiskey glass may take a bit of getting used to because of its unusual shape.

We regularly take custom glass commissions, and we are always willing to discuss your ideas and give you some estimates on what it might cost to create. Call us anytime at 719-570-9928, if we aren't there to pick up your call leave a message and someone from Elev8 will reach out to you to discuss your potential commission.

The honest answer is that you don't need a special glass for whiskey, you can drink whiskey out of any vessel you like, but purpose made whiskey glasses have been refined over more than two centuries of use to enhance the flavor and aroma of your favorite whiskey, Scotch, or even cocktails. The different whiskey glass shapes that are listed above were specially designed to accent either the flavor or aroma of the whiskey, and to provide the most enjoyable whiskey consumption experience possible! 

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