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The Da Buddha Vaporizer offers great functionality and a durable vaping experience at a rock-bottom price! With the runaway success of the legendary Silver Surfer Vaporizer, our fans begged us to develop a more…

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The Da Buddha Vaporizer offers great functionality and a durable vaping experience at a rock-bottom price! With the runaway success of the legendary Silver Surfer Vaporizer, our fans begged us to develop a more affordable desktop vape without sacrificing the durability, ease-of-use, and great flavor of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

The DBV is based on the same Ruby Ceramic Heater and glass-on-glass design of the original Silver Surfer. To satisfy our cost-conscious customers we utilized a lightweight Aluminum Knob for temperature control, outsourced some manufacturing, created a simple but durable hemp/polyester blend padded carrying bag, and standardized the glass components. Final assembly and testing is performed at our Elev8 Distribution production facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado!


Why Choose a Da Buddha?

  • Ceramic heating element provides even convection heating, reducing the risk of accidental combustion.
  • Glass-on-glass components provide the best flavor possible and are easily cleaned.
  • Temperature is adjustable to fit your chosen herbal blend, as well as your personal inhalation speed.
  • Easily converts to the safest e-nail on the market with an Essential Oil Kit which can be added at a discount.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum housing ensures durability, strength, and an attractive aesthetic.
  • Padded Storage Bag made of the same Hempster material as the standard SSV storage bag.
  • Add a discounted Aroma Top for scented wax, essential oils, or potpourri so you can keep your house smelling wonderful 24/7!


Ruby Ceramic Heating Element

  • Long-lasting, tested for 10+ years!
  • Made with pure ceramic aluminum oxide (Al2O3), sometimes called ceramic corundum — the same chemical composition as rubies and sapphires!
  • Extremely fast heat up time and highly efficient power usage.
  • Oxidation and degradation resistant.

The Ruby Ceramic Heater found in the DBV is the foundation of all our vaporizers. Tested 24/7 for 10+ years now, the ceramic heater is the quickest and longest-lasting heating element of any vaporizer heater on the market. We are the first company in the industry to offer this type of ceramic heater!


Glass-On-Glass Connection

  • Makes cleaning simple and convenient!
  • Glass connections provide the best possible flavor, with no toxic plastics or metal components that affect the taste.
  • Can fit a variety of add-ons and accessories like our Vapor Tamers!

Glass-on-glass connections are the signature feature of our vaporizers, and the Da Buddha is no exception! The DBV's 19mm Conical Ground Glass joint allows you to lock the wand in place with a small twist, allowing the vaporizer to be used hands-free. Our team of skilled artisan glassblowers at the Elev8 Premier studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado can also create custom glass components, so the DBV offers infinite personalization options!


Variable Convection Heating

  • Easily adjust the heat to find your vaping 'sweet spot' with any herbal blend or essential oil.
  • Find the setting that best fits your personal inhale speed — slower inhales result in higher overall temperatures!
  • The knob can easily be removed and reinstalled if you want to adjust the indicator marking, and we also sell custom knobs!

Everyone inhales at a different speed, so for convection vapes, setting the heat to a specific number produces different results from person to person. Additionally, all herbal blends and essential oils vaporize differently. We have left out those numbered settings so that you can find the temperature that works best for you. The removable knob allows you to set the indicator wherever you prefer to mark your "sweet spot".


Aluminum Housing

  • Made from 1/4 inch thick aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Durable finish so it will never scratch or fade
  • Available in Silver or powder-coated Black

Like its brother the Silver Surfer, the Da Buddha is also made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum. The DBV comes in either a traditional Silver finish or a powder-coated Black finish, but we also occasionally offer limited-time housing colors for our collectors.





 What's Included?

  1. Marble Pick
  2. Glass Mouthpiece
  3. 3ft Vinyl Tubing
  4. DBV Conical Ground Glass Wand
  5. 10ct Pack of 14.8mm Screens (Green Pack)
  6. Da Buddha Vaporizer with a DBV Heater Cover or a DBV Baller Series Heater Cover installed.
    1. If you purchased the Baller Series Heater Cover upgrade then your unit will also include a pack of Ruby Balls (230pc).
  7. Da Buddha Storage Bag

*Aroma Top not included, but you can purchase it as an add-on for a 30% discount!

Marble Pick

  • A nifty Marble Pick made from steel, with a glass marble on top!
  • The perfect tool for stirring your bowl in between hits!
  • Helps with loading herb and changing the screen in your wand.
    • Note: these picks are handmade so we cannot guarantee that the glass marble on top will fit inside the opening of your DBV wand. 


Glass Mouthpiece

  • A teardrop-shaped Glass Mouthpiece which fits snugly into the end of the vinyl hose! 
  • The default mouthpiece is clear, but for $1 extra you can choose between four different color options (blue, black, green, or pink).


3ft Vinyl Tubing

  • Our food-grade vinyl Hose or Tubing is perfect for our desktop vapes — it does not affect the flavor of the vapor, ensuring that you always get the purest vapor hits possible!
  • Designed to be flexible but stiff enough to hold its shape so that it won't collapse or become kinked/constricted under normal conditions.
  • The default hose is clear, but for $1 extra you can choose between seven different colored hose options (black, red, magenta, yellow, lime, blue, or purple).
    • Note: the colored hoses tend to be slightly more flexible than the clear hose. This is normal. 


Conical Ground Glass Wand for DBV

  • The standard DBV Conical Ground Glass Wand uses a male 19mm joint which can be loaded with herb.
  • The wand is held in place by the 19mm female joint on the DBV Heater Cover, allowing the vaporizer to be used hands-free.
  • The default wand which we include is clear, but for $5 extra you can choose between three other color options (black, blue, and green)
    • Note: if you choose the clear, black, or blue wands your unit will include a pack of 14.8mm Screens (the green pack). If you choose the green wand then your unit will include a pack of 15.8mm Screens (the blue pack).


10ct Pack of 14.8mm Screens (Green Pack)

  • We include a 10ct pack of 14.8mm Screens, these are the screens that come in a green pack.
    • Note: if you ordered your DBV with a green wand then your DBV will come with 15.8mm Screens (the blue pack) instead. 
  • If the screen in your wand gets too dirty to continue using, these replacement screens will come in handy!


DBV Heater Cover or Baller Series Heater Cover

  • Your vaporizer will have a DBV Heater Cover preinstalled inside the unit. If you chose to upgrade to the Baller Series Heater Cover then that will be preinstalled instead. 
    • Note: the regular DBV Heater Cover may have either a frosted or non-frosted joint (see image below), this does not affect the function in any way.
  • The regular heater cover has unrestricted airflow, this is the classic experience. The Baller Series Heater Cover provides a more even convection heating which results in bigger clouds without increasing the risk of accidental combustion. Learn more about the Baller Series Heater!


Da Buddha Storage Bag

  • Every new DBV includes a high-quality padded DBV Storage Bag made from a special blend of hemp and recycled polyester which we call Hempster.
    • Note: you cannot choose the color of the bag that you will receive with your DBV, each DBV is packaged with whatever bag color we have available at the time. 
  • The inner lining is made from black velvet to cushion and protect the vaporizer. The bag is closed with a drawstring, plus there's a non-adjustable strap on the back.
  • Two small pockets on the inside and one large pocket on the outside for carrying your precious accessories!



Optional Add-Ons

These awesome products truly Elev8 the experience of using the Da Buddha Vaporizer! You can get them at a sweet discount by choosing them as add-ons when ordering your DBV.

Dab Dish Essential Oil Kit (EOK) for the Da Buddha


Aroma Top (Aromatherapy Dish)

  • Add the DBV Glass Aroma Top to use your DBV as a scented wax warmer! Also works with essential oils and other types of potpourri.
  • You don't have to stop vaping while using the Aroma Top — the dish sits on top of the vaporizer and does not block access to the heater cover!
  • Includes one DBV Glass Aroma Top (choose from either clear or black), and one random sample of our Scented Wax Melts!
  • Purchase this add-on and you'll only pay $14 for the Aroma Top
    • You save $6 compared to retail price!


Egyptian Sands Mini Tube

  • This Egyptian Sands Mini Tube water pipe is handmade by our skilled glassblowers at the Elev8 Premier studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado!
  • Has a removable downstem with a 14mm female joint, make sure that you also add the 14mm Male Water Pipe Adapter option below to connect this water pipe to your Da Buddha!
  • Purchase this add-on and you'll only pay $105 for the Egyptian Sands Mini Tube!
    • You save $45 compared to retail price!


Water Pipe Adapter (14mm Male - Clear)

  • This Water Pipe Adapter is needed to connect the Egyptian Sands Mini Tube to the Da Buddha Vaporizer, so if you add the Egyptian Sands Mini Tube you should also add this!
  • Can also be used with any other water pipe that has a 14mm female joint (this is the most common size for water pipes).
  • Purchase this add-on and you'll only pay $9 for the Water Pipe Adapter!
    • You save $6 compared to retail price!


SideKick V2

  • The SideKick V2 portable dry herb vaporizer is the perfect companion for any vapor connoisseur! It's like having a Da Buddha or Silver Surfer in your pocket!
  • Choose from seven different color options — silver, red, black, blue, gold, green, or purple.
  • Purchase this add-on and you'll only pay $170 for the SideKick V2 Portable Vaporizer
    • You save $50 compared to retail price!


Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen

  • The Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen is a great companion vaporizer for the connoisseur who wants a discrete method for consuming concentrates on the go!
  • The proprietary top has unique features that make it ideal for concentrates, and the battery has a built-in stash jar. Perfect for concerts!
  • Purchase this add-on and you'll only pay $37.50 for the Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen
    • You save $12.50 compared to retail price!



Customize Your Experience!

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is infinitely customizable thanks to its standard glass connections! 

30% Discount on Elev8 Premier and Elev8 Glass Products!

We give an instant 30% discount on any Elev8 Premier or Elev8 Glass accessories if you order them along with your Da Buddha Vaporizer, so bundle up! Here are some great customization ideas:




Warranty Information
3 year warranty

94 Reviews

  • DaBudda

    Posted by Christine Kile on 1/30/2024

    I've been using a Dabudda vape since 2009, hands down, the best desk top vape Ever ! I love mine.

  • Daily Driver!

    Posted by Erik on 1/16/2024

    Hi, I discovered your products when I purchased a used DBV. It was a revelation for me and quickly became my daily driver. I enjoy this vaporizer; during a movie, I can have a lengthy vaping session, achieving 70 to 80 minutes (1 movie) of non-stop hits with 0.5 grams of material (averaging 1 hit per minute, with a total of 3 bowls x 0.170 grams). Afterward, I came across the Baller Series Heater and was among the first to order it. I loved it so much that I acquired a second DBV to have both versions available on my desk. Sometimes I start with the classic one, and after 10 or 15 hits, I switch to the Baller Series Heater. The Baller Series Heater DBV surpasses my other ball vapes, leading me to sell my B0 and TIODW ball vapes as I no longer use them.

  • 15 years and going strong

    Posted by Frank on 11/20/2023

    I’ve had this bad boy for about 15 years and have used it almost everyday. In fact I have left it on for the last 3 years. I’ve tried at least a dozen other similar vapes at friends houses… nothing compares to this machine. Forget all that other fancy digital nonsense. This one is simple, sturdy… just a knob, a powerful heat source. Experiment until you find your technique. A little goes a long way with DBV. I’ve dropped about 8 wands in the lifetime of the unit, fortunately they are reasonable priced.

  • Best dry her vape

    Posted by Matt on 9/8/2023

    Still the best dry herb vape on the market hands down. Been ripping my Buddha everyday for almost a decade and still works like the day I bought it. Plus you have the best customer service in the industry. Da Buddha is the best vape on the market at its price point and it should be in every stoners arsenal.


    Posted by Stuart on 3/30/2023

    A very satisfactory low cost product, works exactly as advertised. It does the job! I've tried various vape pens and I didn't like them. I've been using for only a few weeks and feel better in my lungs and throat. I'm very happy with this item.

The Da Buddha - DBV Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer

The Da Buddha - DBV Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer

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