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Scientific Rigs, Water Pipes & Mini Tubes

Scientific Glass rigs, mini tubes and bongs are not just water pipes that strive for a certain look, style and cleanliness.  They are also water pipes that genuinely push the limits of what is possible to produce advanced consumption experiences.

Our section of scientific and repeatable glass is meticulously curated for users that want a smooth, comfortable inhale of their favorite herbs or concentrates.  The scientific glass pieces here have a lot of innovations and are pushing the water pipe technology to new levels.  The precision found in the scientific glass rigs is astounding and really makes the piece function and look beautiful. 

Scientific Glass Offers A Smooth Experience

How does scientific glass offer such a smooth smoking, dabbing and vaping experience?

When bubbles of the smoke or vapor percolate through water.  The amount of filtering that happens depends on one main variable.  This variable  is the how much surface area of the bubble are touching the water. This tends to make people think they want larger bubbles, but having small bubbles actually gives the most surface area.  

Scientific glass rigs achieve this by using unique and intricate percolators to break the what would be large bubbles down to small little bubbles making the maximum surface area and creating a smooth hit.  Some of our scientific glass even have 2, 3 or more percolators to diffuse the smoke or vapor.



Compatibility With Many Attachments

Finally, Scientific Ground Glass “joints” are always precisely measured so that you can add either male or female attachments like:

With all these additional options, you can always add to, upgrade, or use your Scientific Glass Water Pipe in multiple ways, making it the ultimate long-term reliable smoking companion.  

Our Elev8 Glass Scientific glass can all be paired with the Phoenix Oath Glass Warranty.

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