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The Elev8 Ceramic Flavor Disc is made from pure ceramic and is sintered at 1300 degrees C.  The flavor disc is one of the best affordable ways to truly taste your concentrates.  Originally designed to work with 7th Floor desktop vapes to vaporizer concentrates.  They also work great in a pipe and you only need to use a lighter to make it work!  The flavor disc works by creating a ton of area.  The area is what allows your concentrates to vaporize efficiently.  As the disc is heated up, the concentrates touching the flavor disc will start to vaporize as the oils reach their optimum vaping temperature.



  • Made  from pure ceramic
  • Used to vaporizer concentrates in vaporizers
  • Used to vaporizer concentrates in pipes
  • Use a flavor savor on your pipe so your flavor disc stays where it should

Flavor Disc In Vaporizer Wand



Flavor Disc In Pipe



Pipe With Flavor Disc & Flavor Savor



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Flavor Disc


24 Reviews

  • 5
    I love these, nice n clean

    It does exactly what you want it to: give concentrates tons of surface area for even vaporization, without adding anything else. I love oils and dabs with these in my Wave Rider. It sits well above the screen, so I start with concentrates, pop out the disk, then move on to flowers. Really just sublime for movies and long evenings.

    There aren't any that fit the Sidekick, and that's a shame. The bucket that it uses works well, but a stone would prevent oil from pouring out when you're swinging it around. Still, five stars for this being exactly what you'd expect.

  • 5
    Very new age!

    This ceramic disc turns pretty much any bowl/ pipe into something that can be used for concentrates/ dabs. Its a great option when you don't have $$ or means to dab.

  • 3
    It's cool. But it tastes weird.

    When I smoke dabs it makes me feel unhealthy and shit, honestly it's just the taste. It's cool that you can put it in a bowl and take dabs on the go, but that's honestly why I have a wax pen so...

  • 4
    concentrate disk

    THE GOOD -
    Perfect pricing, easy to clean, wonderful flavor, and multiple size choices. These discs are absolutely great. If you're going to enjoy concentrates using any vaporizer or convection heating, these are a must have.
    THE BAD -
    Some of them seem to not be as perfect of a fit as others, but it's really no issue. That's the only possible complaint here.

  • 5

    These discs are perfect for concentrates. They work well and don't mess with the flavor.

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