Protection and storage cases are the perfect accessory to safely travel with your glass rig.

 If you are traveling with a high end heady piece of glass, chances are you want it to be protected from any unexpected or unwanted occurrences.  Here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we carry a range of protection and storage cases from brands such as RYOT, STR8 Case and others. Our storage cases range from hard plastic storage protection cases to padded duffle bags.  Larger bags or cases are perfect for the large bong. The mid range hard plastic storage cases are more designed to safely hold your heady piece of glass. Some e-nails are now even made into a storage case so you can travel with your e-nail and rig setup all in one.  Some protection cases like Skunk even offer smell proof designs to keep people from sniffing you out. Many of our larger storage and protection cases feature separate storage areas for the rigs, downstem, bowl and even a storage container for your herbs.


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