Getting To Know the Vape & Elev8 Distribution

Getting To Know the Vape & Elev8 Distribution

Published by Elev8 Presents on 9/14/2020

@Elev8premier Studio

Thank you to the Elev8 Premier Studio for hosting this week's Elev8 at 8. It's not everyday you get the inside scoop of a glass blowing studios inner workings, so being able to watch this week's elev8 at 8 was really interesting! The Elev8 Premier glass blowing team was pretty much all in house during the live show so we got to see each individual station and what they were working on. Chris from @Elev8_Glass_Gallery our weekly host walked us through the shop and you could tell he was having a good time because he also dabbles in glass blowing. All the glass blowing artists in the studio had their own projects going on so it was amazing to see all the creative energy blasting around the room. All the team talked to the viewers and gave us a little walk through of what they do and why. 

The president and creator @ssv_steve_elev8 gave us a sample of what we could look forward to and then showed of the rest of the premier team.@simplyglass21 Jeff is the shop manager and runs the day by day, we got to see him pulling some color on lathe. @seanotronglass Sean the 2nd longest tenured glass blower showed us his amazing sherlocks and we also got to see him blow a tentacle then attach it to his sherlock. @schnoortzglass Rob was working on several different things like floating an opal, then we saw his trademark glass “Rob Block” in the process of being created. @theglassparrot Danny walked us through his paintbrush creation and really gave us some good information as to what he was doing during the process. The entire live was amazing because it felt like you were literally in the shop and for most people they don't get to experience the day to day of a glass blower so it was a really great experience and perspective. You can tell Elev8 really loves this industry and is striving to make it better every day. Elev8 Distribution has clearly taken the bull by the horns. A distribution center with amazing products like the SSV AND an amazing glass studio where you get all american artwork You can learn and become your own artist with them, just an awesome culture that is growing thanks to all the support from viewers like you. Thanks for joining us!


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